03-02-16 vintage 1

I visited petite Mort to look at the new release of blouses, but I ended up buying an older line, the harem pants in lovely boho textures. It made me think vintage, so I pulled out a silk kimono from a couple of summers ago and a Nylon Outfitters top that is tintable and layers to give you the level of transparency you’re comfortable with. The Ayashi hair was in a recent gacha – since I’m only interested in blue hair, as usual I scanned the marketplace until I saw a colours pack coming up cheap (sometimes it’s good to like an unpopular colour)

03-02-16 vintage 2

Tan Ikat Harem pant: Petite Mort
Short Lace-Up Boots: G. Field
Sheer Floral Henley : Nylon Outfitters
Summer Kimono : Tres Blah
Psycho – White tattoo: White Widow
Jingle Bell Ring, Midi Ring, Pinky Ring: Yummy
Ajna  Eyebrows and eyes: Eshi Otawara
Choker and earrings – Pearl-Rain-Season3: [MANDALA]
Maysoon Ring: Lazuri
Soul hair-Blue set(Ver2): [^.^Ayashi^.^]
Sia II Ice – Polar tone skin: Glam Affair
Poses by Nantra and Infiniti

27-01-16 all fur coat in sanarae

Fur coats in SL used to look very un-furry, but some of the more recent ones are lovely, with a fuzzy, soft feel. This one from CoCo is great – it looks very expensive and luxurious, and what’s even better you know that no pixels were harmed in the making of it.
I wanted some statement boots and looked no further than my inventory. These ones are not new, but they are very stylish, and the side panels, laces, eyelets and soles are texture change.
When I took this snap I was waiting for my letter to come up at the SanaRae lucky boards (well worth a look, I snagged a few things including a Yuyum hair in a subtle blue-grey, a colour they don’t usually do).

Sheer Floral Henley: Nylon outfitters
Short Lace-Up Boots: G. Field
Long Fur Coat: *COCO* at Shiny Shabby
lace skirt: :pesca:
Simple Tights Black 2: {SMS}
Jingle Bell Ring and Midi Ring: (Yummy)
Cora Necklace: **RE**
Kasimire Hair: Truth
Sia II Ice – Polar tone skin: Glam Affair
Ajna Eyebrows and Iris: Eshi Otawara (vintage)

09-01-16 shopping in kimono 1

I didn’t manage to catch the Japonica kimono event, so I decided to treat myself to a new kimono to celebrate the new year. One of my favourite stores is Sakka’s Studio, and one of their releases for 2016 is this beautiful furisode (long sleeved kimono) with an ume (plum blossom) design. It is available in green, purple (which I’m wearing) and brown. Each of these is a muted shade in harmony with the continued darkness of winter, whilst the plum blossom gives hope for spring.

Furisode-Nagagi *Ume* purple and F-Kimono Zori&Tabi: Sakka’s Studio
Jingle Bell Ring; Midi Ring; Pinky Ring: (Yummy)
Maysoon Ring: Lazuri
[Hair] Meadow: Magika
Sakura Mori Hairstick and Hair Pick: Schadenfreude
glove nail “Chiyo-gami” Yellow: *pulcino*
Sia II Ice – Polar tone skin: Glam Affair
Amare Eyes (Blue): Aphotic Gloom
Vintage bags
Location: Remarkable

09-01-16 in kimono on remarkable

17-12-15 angel wings head

This is my Christmas party outfit: the lovely dress that is a POE hunt gift from Snowpaws (and has already featured in a lot of posts, it is great for dancing in), plus some wings from an old gacha, gorgeous hair from EMO-tions and Xmas accessories.
I don’t usually wear tattoos, but I couldn’t resist this snowflakey one from White Widow, and I added new snowflake face makeup as well.

* MEREDITH * hair: .:EMO-tions:.
Arum Lily Dress: Snowpaws (POE – Peace on Earth – hunt prize, also comes with lilies for hair and chest)
Psycho – White tattoo: White~Widow
Snowflake Makeup: theSkinnery
Snowflake Diamond Earring: Caroline’s (vintage)
Headband-Merry Christmas: [INK]
Jingle Bell Necklace, Jingle Bell Ring (both current collabor88), Midi Ring, Pineapple Ring, Pinky Ring: Yummy
Maysoon Ring: Lazuri
Ballet Slippers: *katat0nik*
Sidhe Wings – Seelie RARE: Deviance
Slink Female Feet – Flat
Agnes / T0 / hex skin: Tuli
Amare Eyes (Blue): Aphotic Gloom

Pose by Marukin

Taken in the Vespertine sim (Pure Dreams)

17-12-15 in the daylight fox and angel

11-12-15 cat jumper head

This is a perfect Christmas sweater and I thought this wreath was the perfect thing to go with it. I love the way that the cat stares out daring you to scold him. I was also delighted to see that hair designer “Blues” had a special pack of blue hair out last friday for flf: its messiness goes well with the entanglement on the sweater.

X’mas Lights Wreath [Serious] – lighted!: Ohmai (Tannenbaum)
Festive Cat Sweater – Tangled Lights: Nylon Outfitters (Collabor88 December)
Naiesli hair/ FLF Edition: Blues
Isis shirt *pitch* : Zaara
Agnes / T0 / hex skin: Tuli
Amare Eyes (Blue): Aphotic Gloom
Pose: Marukin

04-12-15 hair with jagna dress

I loved this dress as soon as I saw it, and I’ve been playing around with different hair to match it. Headscarfs seem appropriate, and in the first photo I’m wearing a great advent calendar gift (at Kittycats) from Damselfly: there’s a full range of hair colours and texture-change scarf. In the second picture I’m using the Valerie hair from Clawtooth by Clawtooth’s gacha at the Arcade. I benefit from the fact that most people aren’t interested in coloured hair, so it’s usually pretty easy to pick up a pack with blue hair at Arcade yardsales (in this case the Frock and Nest yardsale).

(Both photos)
Ulrich boots: [Deadwool]
Jagna dress: !gO!
Cozy Legwarmers_FluffyPack: //Atomic//
Butterfly Ring (Light Gold): Zenith; Crystalline Ring ‘Copper’: Bokeh; Dragonfly Ring-Irridescent Silver: Eclectica; Raga oyster ring *paua*: Zaara
Grazia skin – In the Air – Polar: Glam Affair
Amare Eyes: Aphotic Gloom
1st photo: Damselfly’s gift for December 3 in the Kittycats Advent Calendar; Armaghan beehive pendant choker necklace: meena; Banjara silver talisman necklace: Zaara; Observation earrings: Yummy.
2nd photo: Valerie hair – Rainbow Pack: Clawtooth
03-12-15 on the road a while


29-11-15 composite smart casual

On the left I’m relaxing in one of the items you get in the anc Christmas ornament gacha at the Tannenbaum market. For each 25 Linden throw you get a package that includes a pretty bauble to go on your tree, this branch chair that I’m sitting on (made out of light-tipped twigs) and a version of the chair suspended inside a giant glass bauble. All the baubles are lovely, so it’s an amazing 25 Linden’s worth.
I’m dressed in a mixture of old and new – including a jacket from the current collabor88 (a very useful smart-casual item) and legwarmers and whimsical crown also from the Tannenbaum market.

Isis shirt *pitch* : Zaara
Madeon Checked Jacket: Emery
Fay eye makeup tattoo / blue: Tuli
X’mas Lights Wreath [Serious] – lighted: !Ohmai
Wedge Bootie “Beth”: G Field
Cozy Legwarmers: //Atomic//
Butterfly Ring (Light Gold): Zenith=
Crystalline Ring ‘Copper: Bokeh
Dragonfly Ring-Irridescent Silver: Eclectica
Zodiacs Necklaces – Aries: Kalopsia
Leah High-Waisted Skinny Jeans M Smoke: Tee*fy
Sian haIR: Truth
Raga oyster ring *paua*: Zaara
Agnes / T0 / hex skin: Tuli
Amare Eyes (Blue): Aphotic Gloom


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