19-04-17 in the forest

Taking a stroll amongst the wildlife at the very cute Bloom event. I managed to pick up THREE of these forsythia boquets whilst trying for a forsythia wreath in the LODE gacha (oh well, they’ll make nice presents….)

Mishti tank *peach* and Ziya tiered skirt: Zaara (as I have a classic avatar body I’m using an alpha from another skirt – how I wish Zaara would throw in an alpha with her clothes!)
Silky Kimono (Kyoto): ASO!
Hand Accessory – Forsythia Bouquet (from BLOOM event) and Head Accessory – Wild Sakura Wreath [apple] (from The Chapter Four): *LODE*
Mon Cher Pumps – Floral: *{Junbug}*
HF03 hair: .Lelutka.
Onora 10 eyeshadow: Zibska
Krishna Harmony Ball Necklace: EarthStones
Jingle Bell Ring, Midi Ring,Pinky Ring: Yummy
Maysoon Ring Right: Lazuri
Necklace: LEGACY-Maasai: [MANDALA]
String Things Bracelet (r): Schadenfreude
Avatar Enhancement Feet high: Slink
Sia II Ice – Polar tone: -Glam Affair –
Amare Eyes (Blue): Aphotic Gloom
Classic avatar body. Pose by Addme

30-03-17 on the sofa

I managed to be fairly restrained in my visit to Shoetopia, but I couldn’t resist these elaborate “Charm” heels from BAIASTICE. I’m still enjoying !gO!’s boho gachas: my cardigan and maxi skirt are from the Hippie gacha at Shiny Shabby. Under them is an old shirt from Zaara (the Mishti top) and boho leggings from Alaskametro. I piled on the Tuareg necklace from Yummy, Earthstone’s Krishna Harmony Ball necklace (it tinkles), and Schadenfreude’s String Thing bracelet (at collabor88). Also wearing:

My Hair – Ruda /Pop: [monso] (also from collabor88)
Equals tattoo – White: [White~Widow]
Onora 10 eyeshadow: Zibska
Jingle Bell Ring – Silver; Midi Ring; Pinky Ring: (Yummy)
Maysoon Ring: Lazuri
Avatar Enhancement Feet Flat: Slink
Sia II Ice – Polar tone: -Glam Affair –
Amare Eyes (Blue): Aphotic Gloom
Classic avatar body, pose by the sofa

30-03-17 boho head

29-03-17 flower child

I’m at the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education conference and by coincidence I was perfectly dressed for one of the social events – dancing to a Dylan tribute band. My !gO! hippie dress had just the right vibe.

Hippie dress 3 and Shabby Valentine 1 – necklace: !gO!
“Brigid” boho leggings – Mauve: alaskametro
Gretchen Flats : Ingenue
My Hair – Ruda /Pop: [monso]
Head Accessory – Fuchsia Crown [cupcake] and Head Accessory – Wild Bloom [pink]: *LODE*
Equals tattoo – White: [White~Widow
Onora 10 eyeshadow: Zibska
Krishna Harmony Ball Necklace: EarthStones
Jingle Bell Ring – Silver; Midi Ring; Pinky Ring: (Yummy)
Maysoon Ring: Lazuri
String Things Bracelet: Schadenfreude
Avatar Enhancement Feet Flat: Slink
South Sea Watch
Sia II Ice – Polar tone: -Glam Affair –
Amare Eyes (Blue): Aphotic Gloom
Classic avatar body, pose by the dance ball


I’m celebrating spring, but still it’s not THAT warm so I’ve bundled up in a jacket and pashmina. In fact, by mistake, I’m bundled up in TWO pashminas, one embrodered and one plain, but I decided I quite liked the look. I have also layered three of LODE’s headpieces (from previous gachas) to get a “bursting into spring” feel. The birch trees and ground texture are by Skye, plum tree by Frog’s Garden and white flower field by Hayabusa. You can’t see my shoes, but the Gretchen flats (in blush pink) go perfectly with the outfit.

Girly Tulle Spring GACHA_Jacket with Bow (rare): {amiable} The Chapter Four
Cinnamon hair: TRUTH
Kashmiri Shawl (unrigged) *jardin* and cream: Zaara
Ziya tiered skirt (maitreya) *pink*: Zaara
Gretchen Flats :: Ingenue (The Arcade)
*LODE* Hand Accessory : Freesia [blush]
*LODE* Head Accessories: Fuchsia Crown [cupcake]; Parrot Tulips [spring]; Wild Bloom [pink]
Equals – White: White~Widow
Onora 10 eyeshadow: Zibska
Jingle Bell Ring; Midi Ring ; Pinky Ring:(Yummy)
Maysoon ring: Lazuri
Feet Flat: SLINK
Sia II Ice – Polar tone skin- 03 NB: Glam Affair –
Amare Eyes (Blue): Aphotic Gloom
Classic avatar body and head
Pose by Marukin



The fairy princess has ventured into the dark tower, lured on by her evil ice cream cone…..

The Fairy God Mother Gown (includes wings, and also a collar, not shown): Silvan Moon Designs (Enchantment)
ella hair: lock&tuft (Enchantment)
Evil Ice Cream – Batty Blue: MadPea (Madpea International Food fair)
Equals tattoo- White: White~Widow
Eclat Earrings, Eclat Necklace, Jingle Bell Ring, Midi Ring: Yummy
Shizuku (special3)circlet : ASO!
South Sea Watch: Fim Fischer
Sia II Ice – Polar tone skin: Glam Affair
Amare Eyes: Aphotic Gloom
Onora 10 eyeshadow: Zibska
Classic avatar body and head
Taken in the Boho Princess tower by DRD (at collabor88)

16-02-17-snow-me-and-kittyPeople are starting to let spring creep into their sims, but certainly where I am outside SL it is still cold weather and this suede coat with its cosy collar is welcome. The suede texture is gorgeous. Although I’m longing for spring, snowy SL sims are really pretty, so I’m having a last tour of them while I can. I’ve donned sunglasses to protect my eyes from the strong sunlight bouncing off the snow, but I didn’t wear a hat because I didn’t want to muss up the new hair from Magika.

I’m in  Frog’s Garden and I was happy to see that they had opened again. They have a great garden centre, but it’s also a nice sim just to wander round, with a very cute cafe on top of the hill.

Coat with fur collar: M.I.X.
SuedeOver-the-KneeBoots: *COCO*
Jingle Bell Ring, midi ring, pinky ring, Spring Garden necklacs: (Yummy)
Sunglasses PU2001: Glamistry
Maysoon Ring Right: Lazuri
Amuse Me hair: Magika
Corduroy Treggings Grey: *Fishy Strawberry*
Mishti tank *peach*: Zaara
Diann skin – Artic: -Glam Affair –
Classic avatar body and head
Giraffe Kitty with pose by Label Motion
Photos taken in Frog’s Garden



This is a dull grey rainy time of year in the UK, and so although I am still snuggling in warm wool in SL, I’m starting to seek out sims with sun, sea, and summer birds.

I did a happy dance when I saw that this dress, and in particular THESE BOOTS were made for classic avatars as well as mesh bodies. The suede boots are super-gorgeous, with great detail (especially at the back, where there’s a tie fastening) and they fit perfectly. The sweater-dress has a high polo neck and the Zaara pashmina also fits over it well (there are 3 versions in the pashmina pack: rigged, rigged for over clothes – the one I’m wearing – and unrigged).

Lace Hem Sweater Dress and Suede Over-the-Knee Boots: *COCO* (at Uber)
Bianca Mesh Hair – Style 2: /Wasabi Pills/ (The Chapter Four)
Rose Lace Tights -white (tinted blue): G Field
Sunglasses PU2001 – Glamistry
LAURA earrings: Donna Flora
Pashmina Shawl *ivory* – Zaara
Diann – Artic skin: Glam Affair
Pose #056-3 – Addme poses
(Classic avatar body. Taken in the Zaara  mainstore sim)