30-10-19 Halloween

Although I don’t like things to be too gruesome, I enjoy dressing up for Halloween and going round all the wonderful SL events collecting pumpkins, gravestones etc. This gown from Senzafine is great because it can be the basis of a witch/vampire outfit, but at other times of the year will just be a beautifully textured formal dress. I was going to wear the Handrew hair from Exile (with a dismembered hand holding up your hair) but I liked this candelabra hair from Analog Dog even more. As usual G. Field has a whole new Halloween outfit (dress, boots, stockings, hat, face paint) available for  group members, but I just wore the face paint. You can also get the past group gifts from the G. Field mainstore (the shoes/boots alone are worth the trip)

2019 Halloween Clown Face Tattoo: G. Field (Halloween group gift)
Haneen – White face tattoo: Stardust
BlackBride Bouquet Black: *Naminoke*
midnight – splash (hair): Analog Dog (at Hallow Manor)
– Lorelynn – Crown – gold+silver: (Bliensen + MaiTai We love roleplay)
‘Belle Decroissance’ Skull Brooch-blue: Eclectica
Maysoon Ring Right: Lazuri
Narcissa Gown – Noir [Fitted]: Senzafine (We love roleplay)
Kalki earrings L *gold*: Zaara
Lucy – Snow – 02 C skin: Glam Affair
Pose in the bouquet
Photo taken in Panic of Pumpkin http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ryukyu/23/20/1827

28-09-19 camoflaged in flowers
I had intended to pose somewhere else in this outfit, but I couldn’t resist taking a snap in the Ariskea shop, where the floral items complemented this rich silk embroidered Ala Folie dress, that I got at the Spoonful of Sugar event. Each pack includes options for two colours (e.g. for this pack, the jacket, pants and overdress are all in both white and blue), so you can have all one colour or, as I do here, mix the two. LODE’s latest Shiny Shabby headdresses are beautiful tea roses, and I was lucky enough to get this matching pink rose headband at my first gacha shot. The hedgehog is a Jian companion, a recent FLF item. You also got an adorable curled up hedgehog to hold, and a hedgehog and leaves scene.

Head Accessory – Tea Rose [pink]: *LODE*
JAYA dress blancbleu: Ala Folie
**Holy Gold** necklace: +:+WTG+:+
Hedgehog Companion: JIAN
Onora eyeshadow: Zibska
Haneen face stars – White 100%: Stardust
Assassin – White tattoo: [White~Widow]
Maysoon Ring: Lazuri
Avatar Enhancement Feet Flat: Slink
Janya jeweled sandals and gold bracelet: Zaara
– Sia II Ice – Polar tone – skin: -Glam Affair
Amare Eyes (Blue): Aphotic Gloom

21-08-19 excalibur found

There is an Arthurian theme to this month’s Enchantment. There are lots of swords in stones, but I chose the pose pack from Nantra, which has 6 Excalibur-flourishing poses for Ladies of the Lake. The robes I have on are called “Merlin” but they seem as suited to lake-ladies as to wizards. I’m very fond of this newish hair from Lamb: it looks good in a lot of different poses, with the strands falling very naturally.
Miami hair: – Lamb.
Skylar :: Earrings: Cae ::
Maysoon Ring: Lazuri
Merlin . Dust: The Muses (Enchantment)
Sia II Ice – Polar tone – skin: -Glam Affair –
Amare Eyes (Blue): Aphotic Gloom
Pose: Lady of the Lake: Nantra (Enchantment) (includes sword)
Fireflies by Lagom
Classic avatar body and head.

31-07-19 yukata When it’s hot, a cool cotton yukata is just what you need to wear. This is a new release from Aso! at the latest round of Sanarae and the obi is colour change. I went for grey, since that matched perfectly with the cute Exile hair – a fifty linden friday special last week. I’m still wearing my earrings from Yummy, because they’re gorgeous.

Janya jeweled sandals: Zaara
Onora eyeshadow: Zibska
Assassin – White: White~Widow
Eclat Earrings: (Yummy)
Hekoobi Yukata (hakka): ASO!
Cassie hair: Exile
Uchiwa Fan – Fuji: kisetsu
Maysoon Ring Right: Lazuri
Avatar Enhancement Feet Flat: Slink
Sia II Ice – Polar tone – skin: -Glam Affair
Amare Eyes (Blue): Aphotic Gloom
Classic avatar body

31-07-19 yukata full length

27-06-19 posed in the garden

It’s actually a bit early for hydrangeas to bloom in my physical world, but they will be starting to blossom in sunnier places and they are the inspiration for this lovely hairdo by barberyumyum which I had to go and grab as soon as I saw the picture on the feeds. The hair is swept into a soft side knot, with some wispy strands of hair  and optional hair hydrangea ornaments for right and left – I just used one of them. It was a look made for kimono, and after trying on several from my inventory I decided on this one, only realising afterwards that it is also called “ajisai” (hydrangea)!  You can see the hair ornament (and my sandals) in the 2nd picture, where I’m adoring my kittycat Snowfall.

Yukata2015(Nagagi) ajisai: [Hime!]
Eclat Earrings and necklace: (Yummy)
P08(05)hair: *barberyumyum* (new at Sanarae)
Janya jeweled sandals : Zaara
Maysoon Ring: Lazuri
Avatar Enhancement Feet Flat: Slink
Assassin – White tattoo: [White~Widow]
Sia II Ice – Polar tone: -Glam Affair –
Amare Eyes: Aphotic Gloom
Onora eyeshadow: Zibska
Pose in 2nd picture is a kittycats pose

27-06-19 adoring snowfall

21-06-19 encore

A new cute dress by G Field, which I picked up at Vintage Fair (now in their mainstore) goes perfectly with the C’est la Vie updo from Summerfest (which just opened, so it’s still rather laggy). It’s matched with flats also by G Field (one of the those moments when you think – shall I buy the flats to go with it – and then fortunately check your inventory – I’d bought a fatpack when they first came out). The informal bouquet of dianthus flowers is, of course, by LODE, new at Shiny Shabby.

The piano overflowing with flowers (it comes with all the flowers and grass) is by Kaerri.

Linda Flats Shoes: G. Field
Betty Mod Dress: G. Field
Assassin tattoo: White Widow
Casual Pearls Earring – Silver: (Miriel) (vintage)
Diana Bouquet: LODE
Missy Hair: ::C’est la vie !::
Maysoon Ring: Lazuri
Feet Flat: Slink
Sia II Ice – Polar tone skin: -Glam Affair –
Classic avatar body
Vintage pose by Luth

03-05-19 spring dream

A happy combination of wings bought at the Fantasy Faire, one of the anime tones of my YumYum hair and this bargain umbrella (which includes the goldfish) for a fairytale spring daye.

The Fairy God Mother Gown: Silvan Moon Designs
Hir L06: *barberyumyum*
Head Accessory – Pandora Magnolia [peach]: *LODE*
Ethereal Wings: .Lunaria.
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Flat
Chinese Dream umbrella (violet): Yokai (Fly By Fridays)
Alight Earring and Alight Necklace: [ rD ]
Niki – Artic skin: -Glam Affair –
Classic avatar. Pose in umbrella