November 2009

Back to the 70s
I went to the SySy fashion show, and loved the Earth Dress, which simply floated down the catwalk (well, it floated as much as lag permitted). The pretty outer lacey layer is slightly longer than the heavier inner skirt and it is a gorgeous colour.
On me it seemed to have a hippy 70s feel, so I used a stretch lace underlayer from a Pixeldolls set (the actual dress is sleeveless), opaque metallic tights, lots of beads and a huge head of hair from Bishwear. The hairband comes as a separate item (which is useful) and I tinted it the same as the dress. I would probably buy more Bishwear hair, but they don’t have that many styles in blue (a very dark blue). It also makes my Avatar Rendering Count zoom off the screen…..
Those of you who have become Mudshake addicts will recognise that this is the Frida home, and since I was feeling early 70s I have filled it with records (from Creamshop and from Fabulous Soul Club at Hotel Dare), incense (from Grimalkin) and posters (from Dalamyr’s FreakShop).
Back to the 70s
Earth dress in bronze: SySy, Rigby (81, 235, 23)
Jewel Lace top in pumpkin: Pixeldolls, Port Seraphine (not sure this set is available instore, but you can get it at Onrez)
Chakra Hoop Earrings in Black: (luc), Muse (90, 161,22)
Bromwyn Bracelets (amber): OPIUM Everyday, Le Zoo (194, 233, 22)
Mala Beads Bracelet (right arm) and necklace, Tigers Eye: (luc), Muse (90, 161,22)
Serenity hair in blue with mod. hairband: Bishwear, BishWear Island (180, 242, 268)
Gyala shoes in Black: Enkythings, Orbiuna (202, 159, 343)
Metallic Gold Lycra Tights: were from GLAM but no longer seem to be traceable/available

Zaara scarf
The starting point for this post were some supercute winter houses from MCH and a warm red top from Clio’s Karina outfit, with an attactive jacket-layer belt. However, I rushed over to grab a Zaara shawl as soon as I saw them, so it’s even more about that.
I have a shawl a bit like this in RL, with woollen crewel-work on black wool cloth, but the Zaara version is more luxurious. Prim stuff often doesn’t work with my larger size, so I was impressed that all I had to do was move the shawl up a fraction and that was it – and the dangling bits of shawl still look good when you move and sit, which I think is a great achievement.
Zaara scarf
The skirt for the Karina dress is a bit shorter than I normally wear for “work” activities in SL, and I wanted to wear the outfit to a conference, so I added a longer skirt and ankle boots. Afterwards I tried out the Karina trousers (shown in the last picture) which also looked fine (although I always like skirts better). I rediscovered this *BP skull-bunny bag when I was searching for red things to go with the outfit. I think it’s great, and BettiePage may still do it, but I spent ages wandering round her new sim/shop without finding it – if you are interested perhaps it is best to contact her. The sim was very pretty to explore, though.
Boots from Tesla & Material Squirrel skirt
Finally, the houses shown in the first and second pictures. If you go to the landmark below, there is a little winter village (not the one on my pictures, that’s a winter village I set up above our island, with the excuse that the students might like it). The green and red houses are just under 300 linden and the wooden ones are 360, if I remember rightly. In each pack you get 2 sizes of house, plus the egg-cup-shaped trees and the snow round the houses, and they are all copiable.
Zaara scarf
Winter houses (shown here in Green): MCH, MCH (211,52,602)
Kashmiri aari work shawl *black*: Zaara, Tesla (91, 40, 54)
Karina outfit in red (also includes short skirt): Clio, Sunrise Island (240, 240, 521)
Armide skirt: Material Squirrel, Winged Isle (21, 107, 47)
Radiant ruby earrings: Second Mirage, Second Oasis (41, 127, 26)
Ziggy shoes in Blessed: Tesla, Tesla (68, 101, 55)
Opaque tights in black: Battered Boudoir, Boudoir Isle (216, 28, 23)
Skull Bunny bag in red: BP, Croquis (201, 66, 34)
Swept away hair in dark blue (updo): Tamie McCoy, Dixie (87, 90, 23)
Serenity hair in blue (big hair): Bishwear, BishWear Island (180, 242, 268)
Indigo eyes : Miriel, Miriel (133, 64, 33)
Elizabeth (gothic) skin in Innocent: Tuli

Purple warmth
I’m still not quite well yet in RL, but getting better, so found time for more SL shopping. It seemed time to move from festive dresses to something woolly and warm. I saw the new mohair skirts from the Closet, and that was my starting point. I wanted some layers on top, and this vest and shirt from Sprawl looked comforting, and I love the lacey detail on the vest.
I wish I had the Petit Ange tights in RL – and they are a freebie too. Finally, I reached for my trusty Maitreya boots.
While I was at the Closet I saw the new hair there, and liked several styles when I tried the demos. Unfortunately the hair doesn’t come in blue or purple, so I won’t be wearing it around, but I thought the Eva style looked good with the Evie’s Closet Catrina dress that I still had on when I went shopping.

Purple warmth
The Fremont (shirt) (black holly): *Sprawl*, Bricolage (153, 49, 22)
The Trellis (vest) (bruise): *Sprawl*, Bricolage (153, 49, 22)
MohairSkirt in purple: The Closet, tReY dOpE (112, 147, 30)
Eolande’s Jade Bangles – gunmetal: Eolande, Ohana Isle (204, 55, 21)
Alytza Dichroic Carnivale Glass Earrings (Obsidian): Talisman, Talisman (206, 56, 22)
knit_tights_multi_socks: Petit Ange YABU (108, 109, 26)
SoHo Boots ‘Black Suede’: Maitreya, Maitreya Isle (201, 188, 33)
Ryuuzaki Hair in purple: Kin, Eventide Far East (138, 171, 41)
Eva hair in sesame (black): The Closet, tReY dOpE (112, 147, 30)
Tuli “Elizabeth” (gothic) skin in Innocent and Indigo eyes from Miriel

Another winter warmer
It’s still cold, so I was happy to find this grey wool dress and matching bolero – each a lucky chair item – and each with only a 10 minute wait! There are other colours for sale.
I thought these G. Field booties looked snug too – they come in versions with and without a fur cuff. You can see both versions here, and also included with each colour pack is a full bright pair. I have given the main Yabu location for G. Field below, but in fact there is also an outlet on the same sim as Mayazuki Nozaki (the dress designer). While you are in G Field you can collect their freebie, a pretty pearl necklace in two colourways.

Liru – Wool Bolero (lucky chair): mayuki nozaki, Yabusaka (42, 169, 23)
Liru – Flower Dress (lucky chair): mayuki nozaki, Yabusaka (42, 169, 23)
Linen stole muffler (black): Creamshop, Creamshop (217,151,21)
New grazia necklace: Luc, Muse (80, 165, 23)
Forgive Me For I Have Earrings: Genesis, Baileysreach (127,107,26) – this is the current address for her shop, but I couldn’t find the earrings, which I bought around Halloween time.
Clove hair, purplish: Curious Kitties, Curious Kitties (220, 197, 20)
Rose bootie in purple: G Field, YABU (148, 110, 23)
Tuli “Elizabeth” (gothic) skin in Innocent and Indigo eyes from Miriel

In the skybox
When I saw a Hello Kitty skybox on the feed I couldn’t resist hunting it down at Zanzo and while I was there I saw their cute Hello Kitty jeans. The “Hurrah” is because I wanted to wear them with these beautiful boots: in their original length the jeans showed through, but since the jeans were mod and copy I could easily edit them so they ended just below the boot top.

I decided in the end that while I couldn’t avoid pink, I wouldn’t add any more kitties on my clothes. I went with a bolero from Thimbles and two different tops under this, both from Michami. There is the white bustier (worn in the first two pictures) , and then the new Fearne tops came out and the Heart for of Love pink version seemed to go even better. I am fond of this Magika hair, with the strange hair ornament, but I also tried it with fluffier hair – the Zero Style hair called Sheila (so I had to buy it, even though it isn’t named after me – I realised then why designers give their creations women’s names – an instant market).
In the skybox
If you are interested in any of the objects in the kitty skybox, these were random fairly cute things I found in my inventory (there are more – I didn’t make any of them). I’m too lazy to say who designed them all, if you are interested you can tp to Infolit iSchool (69, 32, 358), which is where the skybox is for a couple of weeks, and see who did create them (by right clicking the object and selecting edit).
In the skybox
DDL Cotton Candy Jacket (2buttons): Thimbles, Floyd (42, 156, 10) (It took me ages to re-find the vendor for this jacket – it is in the basement of the smaller thimble – those are the exact coordinates)
Hello! Kitty jeans and Hello! Kitty skybox: Zanzo, Splintered Rock (224, 172, 714)
Fearne top in Pink, and Bustier in white (from shorts suit): MichaMi, Nacon (60, 70, 27)
Glass Chunk double bracelet – retro mix and Glass chunk necklace in black and white: Shiny Things, Shiny Falls (170, 180, 37)
3Way Engineer Boots: J’s, TSUKISHIMA (207, 232, 22)

Mystic hair (with thin pony tail and hair ornament) from Magika, Sheila hair from Zero Style, Elizabeth skin (gothic) from Tuli, Indigo eyes by Miriel.

Is it spring yet?
Of course it ISN’T spring where I am, but I felt spring-like in this combination. I kept on my warm boots, but they are cream suede – so why not wear them with a silk dress? The bangles are colour change, and they picked up the warm notes in the dress nicely.
I hadn’t looked at Novocaine hair before, but when I went to buy the frayed tops that someone had blogged, I realised they actually do blue hair (which not everyone does). This hair falls very nicely with a distinctive cut.
Garden Party redux dress: Icing, Mischief (130, 157, 23)
Short open cardigan in pink: Laqroki, Laqroki (89, 164, 65)
Eolande’s Jade Bangles – colour change – copper: Eolande, Ohana Isle (204, 55, 21)
Swallowtail jupiter necklace and earrings in pearl: Swallowtail Designs , The LOLO (68, 211, 35)
3Way Engineer Boots: J’s, TSUKISHIMA (207, 232, 22)
Milla hair in sea mist: Novocaine, Novocaine (103, 82, 24)
Tuli “Elizabeth” (gothic) skin in Innocent and Indigo eyes from Miriel

Same thing in purple

Damn prim cuffs – grrr – can’t wait to take them off – but this shirt is a gorgeous colour.
Armidi Gisaci: Cambridge Cuffed Shirt in Ukraun Purple
Digit Darkes: Serina Dress-Purple (skirt)
Persona: Helena waist sash – lilac
Eolande: Tea Flower – drama queen (in hair)
Zero Style: Tsubura hair in blue
luc: Chakra Long Beads Necklace in Violet

Zero Style in Zero Style
This post is really about the hair, although the dress is cute too. A lot of blue hair looks very flat, without any life – I get the feeling that some designers spend more time getting their “natural” hair colours to look interesting, but less on more unusual ones. It’s understandable, but disappointing. However the Zero Style blue hair looks good from different angles and has some life about it.
I just revisited the Zero Style sim, and I think this grassland area outside the shop (where I took the pictures)  is new: very atmospheric anyway.
Even though everyone’s blogged this freebie dress, I wanted to use it as the detail is so good (those sweet buttons down the back) and it fitted nicely too.

Zero Style in Zero Style

Kali dress (valentines): eLDee (freebie in Retrology location)
Lightweight “V” Sweater in Tar: LaLa FooFoo
Jade Bangles – color change – gunmetal: Eolande
Branch Necklace in black: Swallowtail
Mishima Dawn shoes in Patent/Suede Liquorice: Maitreya
Opaque Hose in Black: Battered Boudoir
Sheila hair (Blue): Zero Style

Lamb's valentine
I wondered whether that Lamb hair was available in blue, and it was …

Mona Berlin flea market skirt: Stitch by Stich
Serendipity shirt in red: Decoy
Never Again Top (camisole): Sari’s
Breeze hair in Kinda Blueberry: Lamb
Knotty Beads Earrings and necklace in Labradorite: EarthStones
Ziggy boots in blessed: Tesla
Tights in cyan: Ivalde
Elizabeth skin in gothic (Vamp): Tuli
Indigo eyes: Miriel

Lace dreams

There are some lovely skirts around, and this one from Gypsy Moon is one of them. I spent some time before finding a top layer that I liked – in the end I went for a semi-transparent cream lace jacket with pretty scalloped edging from Seldom Blue, over a rich blue top from Phoenix Rising. I had decided that I didn’t want to make it totally hippy, so I kept the jewelry minimal. However, I couldn’t resist “accessorising” with one of the new petal emitters from Petal Meg – this one showers down pansies and pansy petals. They are perfect for a wedding or a romantic glade.
The pictures were taken on my own land, but I went back afterwards to check the coordinates for Gypsy Moon and realised I could have taken some pretty pictures there, as it is nicely landscaped. However – one little moan – in Gypsy Moon shop itself I would have liked bigger pictures of the SL clothes and smaller pictures of the RL ones … to begin with I got a bit confused about which were pictured.
Lace dreams

Lace jacket from Serenity dress in cream: Seldom Blue, Angelheart (9, 60, 28)
City Nights Shirt in blue: Phoenix Rising , Elf Fala Lands (140, 139, 38)
Vintage Silk and Lace Skirt in Tea Stain: Gypsy Moon, The Moon (109, 190, 43)
Gypsy Soul Earrings in Silver: Love Chic, Deulchangil (244, 57, 69)
Natural Blue Bracelet: Caroline’s Jewelry, Lo Lo (36, 180, 23)
Kickabout mule – blue flowers: Shiny Things, Shiny Falls (170, 180, 37)
Nanase hair in Blue: Zero Style , Zero Style (123, 137, 37)
Falling pansies from Petal Meg (Jewelry (69, 110, 37); Curving branch with lie-back pose from Itutu; pose on beach from Striking Poses; Elizabeth skin (gothic, innocent makeup) from Tuli.

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