Another winter warmer
It’s still cold, so I was happy to find this grey wool dress and matching bolero – each a lucky chair item – and each with only a 10 minute wait! There are other colours for sale.
I thought these G. Field booties looked snug too – they come in versions with and without a fur cuff. You can see both versions here, and also included with each colour pack is a full bright pair. I have given the main Yabu location for G. Field below, but in fact there is also an outlet on the same sim as Mayazuki Nozaki (the dress designer). While you are in G Field you can collect their freebie, a pretty pearl necklace in two colourways.

Liru – Wool Bolero (lucky chair): mayuki nozaki, Yabusaka (42, 169, 23)
Liru – Flower Dress (lucky chair): mayuki nozaki, Yabusaka (42, 169, 23)
Linen stole muffler (black): Creamshop, Creamshop (217,151,21)
New grazia necklace: Luc, Muse (80, 165, 23)
Forgive Me For I Have Earrings: Genesis, Baileysreach (127,107,26) – this is the current address for her shop, but I couldn’t find the earrings, which I bought around Halloween time.
Clove hair, purplish: Curious Kitties, Curious Kitties (220, 197, 20)
Rose bootie in purple: G Field, YABU (148, 110, 23)
Tuli “Elizabeth” (gothic) skin in Innocent and Indigo eyes from Miriel


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