Back to the 70s
I went to the SySy fashion show, and loved the Earth Dress, which simply floated down the catwalk (well, it floated as much as lag permitted). The pretty outer lacey layer is slightly longer than the heavier inner skirt and it is a gorgeous colour.
On me it seemed to have a hippy 70s feel, so I used a stretch lace underlayer from a Pixeldolls set (the actual dress is sleeveless), opaque metallic tights, lots of beads and a huge head of hair from Bishwear. The hairband comes as a separate item (which is useful) and I tinted it the same as the dress. I would probably buy more Bishwear hair, but they don’t have that many styles in blue (a very dark blue). It also makes my Avatar Rendering Count zoom off the screen…..
Those of you who have become Mudshake addicts will recognise that this is the Frida home, and since I was feeling early 70s I have filled it with records (from Creamshop and from Fabulous Soul Club at Hotel Dare), incense (from Grimalkin) and posters (from Dalamyr’s FreakShop).
Back to the 70s
Earth dress in bronze: SySy, Rigby (81, 235, 23)
Jewel Lace top in pumpkin: Pixeldolls, Port Seraphine (not sure this set is available instore, but you can get it at Onrez)
Chakra Hoop Earrings in Black: (luc), Muse (90, 161,22)
Bromwyn Bracelets (amber): OPIUM Everyday, Le Zoo (194, 233, 22)
Mala Beads Bracelet (right arm) and necklace, Tigers Eye: (luc), Muse (90, 161,22)
Serenity hair in blue with mod. hairband: Bishwear, BishWear Island (180, 242, 268)
Gyala shoes in Black: Enkythings, Orbiuna (202, 159, 343)
Metallic Gold Lycra Tights: were from GLAM but no longer seem to be traceable/available


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