In the skybox
When I saw a Hello Kitty skybox on the feed I couldn’t resist hunting it down at Zanzo and while I was there I saw their cute Hello Kitty jeans. The “Hurrah” is because I wanted to wear them with these beautiful boots: in their original length the jeans showed through, but since the jeans were mod and copy I could easily edit them so they ended just below the boot top.

I decided in the end that while I couldn’t avoid pink, I wouldn’t add any more kitties on my clothes. I went with a bolero from Thimbles and two different tops under this, both from Michami. There is the white bustier (worn in the first two pictures) , and then the new Fearne tops came out and the Heart for of Love pink version seemed to go even better. I am fond of this Magika hair, with the strange hair ornament, but I also tried it with fluffier hair – the Zero Style hair called Sheila (so I had to buy it, even though it isn’t named after me – I realised then why designers give their creations women’s names – an instant market).
In the skybox
If you are interested in any of the objects in the kitty skybox, these were random fairly cute things I found in my inventory (there are more – I didn’t make any of them). I’m too lazy to say who designed them all, if you are interested you can tp to Infolit iSchool (69, 32, 358), which is where the skybox is for a couple of weeks, and see who did create them (by right clicking the object and selecting edit).
In the skybox
DDL Cotton Candy Jacket (2buttons): Thimbles, Floyd (42, 156, 10) (It took me ages to re-find the vendor for this jacket – it is in the basement of the smaller thimble – those are the exact coordinates)
Hello! Kitty jeans and Hello! Kitty skybox: Zanzo, Splintered Rock (224, 172, 714)
Fearne top in Pink, and Bustier in white (from shorts suit): MichaMi, Nacon (60, 70, 27)
Glass Chunk double bracelet – retro mix and Glass chunk necklace in black and white: Shiny Things, Shiny Falls (170, 180, 37)
3Way Engineer Boots: J’s, TSUKISHIMA (207, 232, 22)

Mystic hair (with thin pony tail and hair ornament) from Magika, Sheila hair from Zero Style, Elizabeth skin (gothic) from Tuli, Indigo eyes by Miriel.


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