Is it spring yet?
Of course it ISN’T spring where I am, but I felt spring-like in this combination. I kept on my warm boots, but they are cream suede – so why not wear them with a silk dress? The bangles are colour change, and they picked up the warm notes in the dress nicely.
I hadn’t looked at Novocaine hair before, but when I went to buy the frayed tops that someone had blogged, I realised they actually do blue hair (which not everyone does). This hair falls very nicely with a distinctive cut.
Garden Party redux dress: Icing, Mischief (130, 157, 23)
Short open cardigan in pink: Laqroki, Laqroki (89, 164, 65)
Eolande’s Jade Bangles – colour change – copper: Eolande, Ohana Isle (204, 55, 21)
Swallowtail jupiter necklace and earrings in pearl: Swallowtail Designs , The LOLO (68, 211, 35)
3Way Engineer Boots: J’s, TSUKISHIMA (207, 232, 22)
Milla hair in sea mist: Novocaine, Novocaine (103, 82, 24)
Tuli “Elizabeth” (gothic) skin in Innocent and Indigo eyes from Miriel


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