Lapis Lazuli
This necklace set by Caroline was made for the Eygyptian event at King’s Rezzable (there is a landmark in her store) but I hope it is still available after that, because I think it’s a classic: simply and beautifully done.
It would obviously look superb with a ballgown, but I think the lack of bling and the rich colour means it could go with a variety of looks.
On another note, I wish there were more lace jackets around – they are really nice for layering, to add subtle pattern to plain tops and to mix around with semi-transparent items. I had to search around to find this one, in one of their outlets on the Albero mall.
Sesen Earrings and necklace: Caroline’s Jewelry, Lo Lo (36, 180, 23)
Tante Truus (skirt) in blue: Sascha’s Designs, Coco Beach Kelina (144, 243, 21)
Tang Empress Gown in blue (bodice): Nicky Ree, Tropical Orchid (230, 128, 30)
Lace bolero white: ASH STYLE, Tareezi (200, 20, 22)
Gem Jelly Donut Bangle – Gold: Fresh Baked Goods, Retrology (150, 182, 40)
Tsubura hair in blue: Zero style; Elizabeth skin (Gothic, Innocent) from Tuli; Indigo eyes from Miriel
Photo taken in the Photobooth in the cafe on the Journey sim


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