Purple warmth
I’m still not quite well yet in RL, but getting better, so found time for more SL shopping. It seemed time to move from festive dresses to something woolly and warm. I saw the new mohair skirts from the Closet, and that was my starting point. I wanted some layers on top, and this vest and shirt from Sprawl looked comforting, and I love the lacey detail on the vest.
I wish I had the Petit Ange tights in RL – and they are a freebie too. Finally, I reached for my trusty Maitreya boots.
While I was at the Closet I saw the new hair there, and liked several styles when I tried the demos. Unfortunately the hair doesn’t come in blue or purple, so I won’t be wearing it around, but I thought the Eva style looked good with the Evie’s Closet Catrina dress that I still had on when I went shopping.

Purple warmth
The Fremont (shirt) (black holly): *Sprawl*, Bricolage (153, 49, 22)
The Trellis (vest) (bruise): *Sprawl*, Bricolage (153, 49, 22)
MohairSkirt in purple: The Closet, tReY dOpE (112, 147, 30)
Eolande’s Jade Bangles – gunmetal: Eolande, Ohana Isle (204, 55, 21)
Alytza Dichroic Carnivale Glass Earrings (Obsidian): Talisman, Talisman (206, 56, 22)
knit_tights_multi_socks: Petit Ange YABU (108, 109, 26)
SoHo Boots ‘Black Suede’: Maitreya, Maitreya Isle (201, 188, 33)
Ryuuzaki Hair in purple: Kin, Eventide Far East (138, 171, 41)
Eva hair in sesame (black): The Closet, tReY dOpE (112, 147, 30)
Tuli “Elizabeth” (gothic) skin in Innocent and Indigo eyes from Miriel


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