Zaara scarf
The starting point for this post were some supercute winter houses from MCH and a warm red top from Clio’s Karina outfit, with an attactive jacket-layer belt. However, I rushed over to grab a Zaara shawl as soon as I saw them, so it’s even more about that.
I have a shawl a bit like this in RL, with woollen crewel-work on black wool cloth, but the Zaara version is more luxurious. Prim stuff often doesn’t work with my larger size, so I was impressed that all I had to do was move the shawl up a fraction and that was it – and the dangling bits of shawl still look good when you move and sit, which I think is a great achievement.
Zaara scarf
The skirt for the Karina dress is a bit shorter than I normally wear for “work” activities in SL, and I wanted to wear the outfit to a conference, so I added a longer skirt and ankle boots. Afterwards I tried out the Karina trousers (shown in the last picture) which also looked fine (although I always like skirts better). I rediscovered this *BP skull-bunny bag when I was searching for red things to go with the outfit. I think it’s great, and BettiePage may still do it, but I spent ages wandering round her new sim/shop without finding it – if you are interested perhaps it is best to contact her. The sim was very pretty to explore, though.
Boots from Tesla & Material Squirrel skirt
Finally, the houses shown in the first and second pictures. If you go to the landmark below, there is a little winter village (not the one on my pictures, that’s a winter village I set up above our island, with the excuse that the students might like it). The green and red houses are just under 300 linden and the wooden ones are 360, if I remember rightly. In each pack you get 2 sizes of house, plus the egg-cup-shaped trees and the snow round the houses, and they are all copiable.
Zaara scarf
Winter houses (shown here in Green): MCH, MCH (211,52,602)
Kashmiri aari work shawl *black*: Zaara, Tesla (91, 40, 54)
Karina outfit in red (also includes short skirt): Clio, Sunrise Island (240, 240, 521)
Armide skirt: Material Squirrel, Winged Isle (21, 107, 47)
Radiant ruby earrings: Second Mirage, Second Oasis (41, 127, 26)
Ziggy shoes in Blessed: Tesla, Tesla (68, 101, 55)
Opaque tights in black: Battered Boudoir, Boudoir Isle (216, 28, 23)
Skull Bunny bag in red: BP, Croquis (201, 66, 34)
Swept away hair in dark blue (updo): Tamie McCoy, Dixie (87, 90, 23)
Serenity hair in blue (big hair): Bishwear, BishWear Island (180, 242, 268)
Indigo eyes : Miriel, Miriel (133, 64, 33)
Elizabeth (gothic) skin in Innocent: Tuli


2 Responses to “Zaara scarf”

  1. DrJoolz Says:

    That scarf is totally to die for and the boots look so great with the skirt.
    I will look out for a scarf like that in RL.

    Do you think it is a problem when you try to look like your avatar? Is it more of a problem to try and look like someone else’s avatar? (Is it slightly ‘wrong’? Is it like stalking?)

  2. I think it might be a bit spooky to try and make yourself like your avatar if it involved a lot of hair dye and adding bits to your legs to make them longer. I just wear more bangles than I used to, and I’m OK with that.

    People generally don’t like it if you try and exactly copy them, sort of stalking, but also stealing their creativity in thinking up that particular look.

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