Zero Style in Zero Style
This post is really about the hair, although the dress is cute too. A lot of blue hair looks very flat, without any life – I get the feeling that some designers spend more time getting their “natural” hair colours to look interesting, but less on more unusual ones. It’s understandable, but disappointing. However the Zero Style blue hair looks good from different angles and has some life about it.
I just revisited the Zero Style sim, and I think this grassland area outside the shop (where I took the pictures)  is new: very atmospheric anyway.
Even though everyone’s blogged this freebie dress, I wanted to use it as the detail is so good (those sweet buttons down the back) and it fitted nicely too.

Zero Style in Zero Style

Kali dress (valentines): eLDee (freebie in Retrology location)
Lightweight “V” Sweater in Tar: LaLa FooFoo
Jade Bangles – color change – gunmetal: Eolande
Branch Necklace in black: Swallowtail
Mishima Dawn shoes in Patent/Suede Liquorice: Maitreya
Opaque Hose in Black: Battered Boudoir
Sheila hair (Blue): Zero Style


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