Posing in the alien spacecraft
This post shows my favourite new purchase which is the amazing alien spacecraft-home, Veralarti, designed by Alex Bader. I am standing at one of the entrance ports, in an outfit I will be showing as part of an educators fashion show-and-tell tomorrow. I wanted to choose a dress that was particularly SL, and the Giselle from Likka House is special in the ways that the panels don’t obey “gravity” but may stay frozen in floaty positions around you. It is also a very pretty colour. I added to the ballet look with SySy’s wool wrap. The Breeze hair is also not quite naturalistic, as it stays in this “blown in the wind” position (which is why its been used loads of times already by fashion bloggers!).
Giselle dress in dark blue: Likka House
Wrap wool-top in blue: SySy
Breeze hair in Blizzard: Exile
Portrait necklace: Yummy
Butterfly Bracelet: Swallowtail
Short lace-up boots in black : G.Field
Nail polish in dark blue: Ibizarre
Eva skin (tone 1): Tuli
Indigo eyes and Fleur Earrings by Miriel (no longer available)
Poses by Amaris and Vain

Posing in the alien spacecraft