Spring bouquet
This look has ended up as a boho spring bride: perhaps it second time around, or perhaps she simply doesn’t like white. At any rate she’s making a statement: she’s certainly not going to let anyone walk all over her, not with those boots on.
Fleurir dress in purple: Nikukyu (with the skirt copied and attached at 2 points, to give extra swish)
Shawl in parl: Lika Ruby
Rainy Day hair in Elf Thread: Fashionably Dead
Retro Daisies Necklace (Silver): Dark Mouse
Short Western Boots in white: G.Field
Fair hose in white: Battered Boudoir
Eva skin by Tuli and (no longer available) indigo eyes by Miriel
Sculpty Lily and White Rose Bouquet: Skin Flicks
Main pose by Attituede

Spring bouquet