In Butterdish
After seeing Carson’s post, I couldn’t resist zooming off to Butterdish. It’s a nice place to explore, and also has some cheap goodies, ranging from buildings to cookies. They include the “wishful cake”, which I think was about 10 Linden. You get a cake to rez (which gives slices and forks when you touch it: it’s 70 prims, though) and a wearable cake that has an animation to hold it above your head and sway from side to side. Above you can see me in the cake shop in Butterdish, and then at home wearing my cake.
In Butterdish
I’m wearing the gorgeous new shoes from Zaara and a babydoll and trousers set from Designing Nicky Ree. I love her textures, which are so glossy and vibrant. I wish she had made the trousers mod, though, or that they had prim flares rather than using system flares at the bottom.
Jade Bangles, color change – copper: Eolande
Fossilized Earrings and necklace: Dark Mouse
Janice set in Blue: Nicky Ree (DNR)
BOLERO brownblue jacket: ALB Dreams
Ilaida Mojri shoes in grape: Zaara
HAIR New 137 “Type” D in blue: W&Y
Eva skin (tone 1/bl) 02a: Tuli
Eyes by Miriel (no longer available)
Shot in Butterdish and outside my “Y’s House” home