I have been trying to find the right outfit to go with this romantic hair from Waka and Yuki, and realised today that the dress I wanted had in fact been lurking in my inventory for a couple of weeks: a freebie from Towa. The dress is meant to be something like knee length, but I wanted extra swoosh, so I copied the skirt and attached it twice, to make a full length gown. I also twisted round the collar, to put the bow at the back rather than the front. The ribbon floats on the breeze very prettily. The Lady Rose shoes are often pulled out: they are a classic shape and the the roses add extra interest.
Chiffon pleat dress in fresh sun: Towa
Lady rose shoes in wine: G. Field
New 141 hair in blue (includes circlet): W&Y
Raw ruby and silver bracelet: Faceted
Eva skin: Tuli
Nailpolish: Ibizarre
Eyes: Miriel