Hanging in Rustica
I was exploring the Rustica sim and found myself hanging by my manicured fingernails above the foaming ocean. Fortunately I remembered in time that I could fly.
This is wonderful boho summer hair (the colour-change circlet comes with it) and I think the Ticky Tacky necklace has a similar feel to the circlet. My sundress is probably prettiest in its orginal cream colour, but I tinted it to pick up the pink touches in my G Field boots. The dress is just the right length to show off the boots.
HAIR New 141 (“Type”D, blue): W&Y
Short Western Boots -turquoise: G. Field
Bellini Pearl Bracelet: Caroline’s Jewelry
A Bitch Never Change Necklace – Pink: Ticky Tacky
Anjuna shirt in blue: Zaara
Ishaya velour slacks (tinted): Zaara
Summer romance vintage sundress (tinted): salt
Eva (tone 1/bl) 02a skin: Tuli
Nail polish – pale fuchsia: Ibizarre

Rose tinted