August 2010

Bad hat
I finally bought the Curious Kitties Nyanotech hair HUDs that allow you to tint any of their latest hair into the colours you want.Once you have the HUDs, the actual hair seems pretty cheap, but in fact the hat+hair I am wearing was free at the CK summer festival (if you haven’t got a HUD, then you have to put up with the colour it is “out of the box” – an auburn colour, if I remember correctly). The Sugarcube dress was also a special, a 50 Linden Friday. I am not sure whether the banded effect at the edge of the skirt was intentional, but I rather like it.

Flower bustier&panier: Sugarcube
Velvet shrug: Adam n Eve
Black branch necklace and butterfly bracelet: Swallowtail
Nyanotech 09-B Hair – Sandie V2: Curious Kitties
Short Lace-Up Boots in black: G. Field
Eva skin: Tuli
Poses by LAP (includes flower props)

Bad hat

This new skirt from Elymode is beautifully frothy, and I went over the top with jewelry and pinkness to go with it.
Just Add Outfit Top Pink: *Sari’s*
Top It Up Vest Pink: *Sari’s*
Jacket kimono pink: AWRAM-VIIE
Pacifica Gypsy Skirt -pink: Elymode
Paua Shell Necklace Round/Pink: (luc)
Gypsy necklace and earrings – Pinks: Puarangi Designs
Glass chunk bracelet: Shiny Things
Pink Floral/Stripe Bangle: Kate McLaglen
Short Western boots, pink: G. Field
Trinity hair in blueberry: Truth
Dawn Langwidere Blush skin: Schadenfreude
Poses by LAP

A couple of these items are no longer available, but I couldn’t resist blogging this comfy outfit, showing off the Mimikri Nova pants again, and Schadenfreude’s new skin. It also features one of my first bracelets, that has stood the test of time, from Shiny Things. In fact I think it is a case of SL fashion starting to have cycles like RL fashion, as this kind of rough angular gems have come back in …
The beach hut and chair are from What Next.
Outono outfit top: MG Fashion (I couldn’t find this in her shop, which is a shame … but she has a lot of other nice tops in berry colours)
Glass chunk bracelet: Shiny Things
Trinity hair: Truth
Pyramid earrings: 69 (don’t think they do jewelry any more, at least I could only find hair)
Retro daisies necklace: Dark Mouse
Pretties by JB (shoes): Riva Uniques (no longer available)
Nova pants in oyster: Mimikri
Dawn Langwidere Blush skin: Schadenfreude

Something old, something new

When I went over to Dark Mouse before the store gets moved, I was upset to see that her Retro Daisies set was in the discount area, possibly to be retired for good. It is one of my favourites! I decided the best thing to do (other than getting my alt to buy a set too, lol) was to blog it (the third time, I think). The new thing is the cami and dress set from Lika Ruby (which you can buy separately). The textures on this are beautiful, the skirt is very floaty, and I love the beaded ties at the back.
The other things are “old”, or at least older, including the Kalnin sandals from last year and this pretty hair from Clawtooth. I also decided to wear two retired items: the Elizabeth skin from Tuli (one of the few pale skins that has ordinary makeup, it really annoys me when you get a nice pale skin and can only get it with over-the-top makeup options) and my big blue Miriel eyes.
Something old, something new
Morroco cami and skirt in purple: +Lika Ruby+
Retro Daisies Bracelet and necklace: Dark Mouse
hair_cosaju: Feather
Twinkle Toast hair in Lilac dreams: Clawtooth:
Coquette sandals: Kalnins
Straw_Bag [Grape]: UmeMode
Elizabeth skin by Tuli and eyes by Miriel (no longer available)
The strawberry picking set is by Frog’s Garden.