Bad hat
I finally bought the Curious Kitties Nyanotech hair HUDs that allow you to tint any of their latest hair into the colours you want.Once you have the HUDs, the actual hair seems pretty cheap, but in fact the hat+hair I am wearing was free at the CK summer festival (if you haven’t got a HUD, then you have to put up with the colour it is “out of the box” – an auburn colour, if I remember correctly). The Sugarcube dress was also a special, a 50 Linden Friday. I am not sure whether the banded effect at the edge of the skirt was intentional, but I rather like it.

Flower bustier&panier: Sugarcube
Velvet shrug: Adam n Eve
Black branch necklace and butterfly bracelet: Swallowtail
Nyanotech 09-B Hair – Sandie V2: Curious Kitties
Short Lace-Up Boots in black: G. Field
Eva skin: Tuli
Poses by LAP (includes flower props)

Bad hat