Indigo: trade winds

I finally discovered shadows, and although they slow things down a bit, they don’t actually crash me, so I played with them a little bit in this picture. The dress (which I think is indigo…) is called “Tradewinds” so I wanted the idea of a sunny but rather windy beach. I definitely think of indigo as being an inky sort of blue, and I thought of this dress as soon as I saw “indigo”, but I tried to match my hair to the lighter colour swatch that Luna Jubilee gave us (well, sort of). Wikipedia has a range of colours. Actually I also thought of this anime, the title translates to “Bluer than indigo” and the heroine has blue hair, which appears to be both the wikipedia indigo colours.

Indigo: trade winds
Tradewinds dress: Icing
Wool wrap: SySy
Victorian ankle boot in Squid Ink: Juicy
Navy rose lace tights: G. Field
Circe bracelet: Tekeli-Li
Butterfly brooch (from a butterfly hunt): Random Calliope
Orie hair in blue: Zero Style
Nail varnish: Ibizarre
Eva skin by Tuli and eyes by Miriel (no longer available)
In a “What next” beach house, Rosemary in a pot by Aintree Gardens and beach doormat by Origins.
First pose in the “Sakura” balloon, 2nd pose by Lazy Places