March 2011

Blue and White
When I saw this new lovely fluffy skirt I dashed across and bought at once, as I knew it would go with my new embellished Zaara top. For the rest I managed to keep to old favourites, except for retinting my tights (thank you G Field for providing the permissions!)
I am always on the look out for still-available skins that I don’t feel yuck in – most of them are too highly coloured for me and/or have horrible pouty mouths. I feel fairly comfortable in this new skin from AMD. It is “gothly” shade: I would like it to be a bit more evenly pale myself, but I thought it was fairly pretty, with some nice detail.
Zayba top: Zaara
Neato sweatshirt in grey: Tres Blah
Aragon skirt: Fishy Strawberry
Sea feather earrings: (luc)
Natural blue bracelet: Caroline’s
Ash hair in blue: Analog dog
Little diva shoes: G. Field
Rose lace tights (tinted): G. Field
Gaia skin in gothly: AMD (apple May Designs)

Princess bride
When I first saw that white was the next in Luna Jubilee’s 52 weeks of colour I thought I might try and avoid the obvious bridal theme – but then I remembered I had this beautiful fluffy Evie’s Closet dress in my inventory, and I really had to go for the wedding look. With a dress as elaborate as this you don’t need much else: I used a flower wreath (also by Evie’s closet), a pretty bouquet, and some intricate jewels from Yummy. The Lost Princess picture and chair in the background are by Mudshake and the harpsichord by Grey Kurka.

Aventine angel dress: Evie’s Closet
Sculpty Lily and White Rose Bouquet: Skin Flicks
Wreath of Flowers: Evie’s Closet
Portrait necklace: Yummy
Diamond Spray earrings: Yummy (FLF)
Amber hair in blue: Milena
Eva skin by Tuli and eyes by Miriel; no longer available. Also wearing Juicy slingbacks in Marshmallow, but you can’t see them!

Princess bride

Help Japan: Petals
Tulle skirt beige: Chocolate Atelier (Help Japan item)
Denim top: To one Lounge/ Oyakin (Help Japan item)
Zimmy flats: Shiny Things
Amber hair: Milana
Cherry Blossom Petals: Runo Runo (Help Japan item) (you can cover your whole body, this just uses 2 of the petal attachments)
Lace leggings (tinted): G. Field
Picture taken in the Aju home shop.
This is the link to Help Japan

Help Japan
I found many items at the Help Japan event very tempting, and as it was all going to aid Japan’s relief effort, I gave into temptation. This is the link
Help Japan Flower: Tee*fy
Blue bird pendant: GJK
No name dress: Fall Into Decay
Help Japan hair in blue: Dura

Also wearing
Shawl in parl: Lika Ruby
Rose lace leggings in off white: G Field
Lady rose shoes and hair rose in blue: G Field
Skin by Tuli and eyes by Miriel (no longer available)
Picture taken in the Aju shop

Conference gear
I thought I would blog my outfit for the Virtual worlds Best Practices in Education conference. I decided on smart casual, and it is a mixture of old favourites (the jacket and jeans) and new things (the shoes and necklace). These new shoes fall firmly into the “I want these in RL” category. I am pictured in the steampunk cafe at the conference (Steampunk is the theme of the 20-sim build). If you like steampunk it is worth a wander round: the cafe is here
Charlottes shoes: Shiny Things
Crimson luxe jeans: Pixeldolls
Tweed jacket with undershirt: DP YumYum
Vivian necklace in onix: Donna Flora (Pacific Crisis Fundraiser item)
Silje hair in blue: Amacci
Nail polish: Ibizarre:
Portfolio mangaka (folder of drawings with pose): Manna
Skin by Tuli and eyes by Miriel (no longer available)

Sky Blue
Here I am in sky blue (this week’s 52 weeks of colour challenge), in the vast steampunk central auditorium of the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education conference. I’m just moderating a couple of sessions, but I wish I’d put in a paper as it would be awesome to be giving a talk in this place!
Haori rururu: Tomoto
Crimson Luxe jeans: Pixeldolls
Adyan kurta in fuschia (as shirt): Zaara
Lylie hair in smurf: Ploom
Wanderer necklace, earrings and hand coins: League
Little Diva shoes in sky: G.Field
Main pose by Vain
Eva skin by Tuli and eyes by Miriel (no longer available)

I tried on several pairs of jeans before I settled on this pair that seemed to be close to umber … then I remembered this shirt (which unfortunately doesn’t seem to be available any more, sorry) which I just had to wear as it picked up the blue in the cuffs and the pretty floral motif, plus I think the background is close to umber as well…
The new Milana hair brand does some very nice blue colours, this was the style I liked the most. The second picture (below) doesn’t show the outfit very well, but I thought the new LISP teacup chandelier looked so sweet in my greenhouse that I couldn’t resist posting it.
Kirei shirt: Orchid dreams (no longer available)
Jeans: Lika Ruby
Neato sweatshirt: Tres Blah
Babouches, brown: 2g at Switch location (free in basket outside door)
Amber hair in azure: Milana
Wanderer bracelet and earrings: League
Stone Chip necklace Turquoise: LOGO
Petals in the wind pose: Adorkable poses
Eva skin by Tuli and eyes by Miriel (no longer available)

Petals in my greenhouse

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