I’m afraid with electric lime as the target for the 52 weeks of colour challenge, I just searched my inventory for “lime” and this is what I came up with. It turns out I have a ton of lime coloured hair, because Truth bundles lime with blue, and of course I have a ton of blue Truth hair. I remember buying this dress cheaply, but I’m not sure I ever wore it. It seemed suitably colourful, and I piled on more colour with the flowery earrings and lei. The hula gesture was one of the ones you get in your inventory from the Lindens, I think. The pink flamingos are by Artillieri.

Princess Couture – Modern Garden dress in lime: Ravenlynn Templar
Emily hair in lime: Truth
Slingback pumps in lime: Juicy
Flower lei (freebie at University of Hawaii event)
Pansy earrings: Petal Meg