Blue and White
When I saw this new lovely fluffy skirt I dashed across and bought at once, as I knew it would go with my new embellished Zaara top. For the rest I managed to keep to old favourites, except for retinting my tights (thank you G Field for providing the permissions!)
I am always on the look out for still-available skins that I don’t feel yuck in – most of them are too highly coloured for me and/or have horrible pouty mouths. I feel fairly comfortable in this new skin from AMD. It is “gothly” shade: I would like it to be a bit more evenly pale myself, but I thought it was fairly pretty, with some nice detail.
Zayba top: Zaara
Neato sweatshirt in grey: Tres Blah
Aragon skirt: Fishy Strawberry
Sea feather earrings: (luc)
Natural blue bracelet: Caroline’s
Ash hair in blue: Analog dog
Little diva shoes: G. Field
Rose lace tights (tinted): G. Field
Gaia skin in gothly: AMD (apple May Designs)