On the phone
Two pretty new items (the Tiffany top and special colour Aragon skirt) gave me an excuse to haul out the old favourite shoes, top and hair. The black opals went beautifully with the top, but I’ve a feeling they were an Earthstones special and might not be around now.
I didn’t go to much of the pose fair, but I couldn’t resist this phone box – mind you, from what I remember the box would be a lot grubbier and smellier than this one looks (not so many of this old type of phone box around now).
Tiffany Top: Zenith (@ The Fashion Garret)
Slouchy thread sweater in violet: Surf Couture
Aragon skirt in lilac: Fishy Strawberry (@ The Dressing Room)
Zahra black opal earrings and necklace: Earthstones
Little diva shoes: G. Field
Ash hair in blue: Analog Dog
Telephone box with poses: What Next
Skin by tuli and eyes by Miriel (no longer available)