May 2011

Ruby on the edge
I thought I had some ruby slippers (like in Wizard of Oz) in my inventory (for ruby week in 52 weeks of colour), but no. If the flats that Mimikri brought out recently had been in ruby, I’d have definitely got those, but the nearest colour was pink. Then I saw these Swansong ruby flats on Sawa Gothly, and they have butterflies on, which was the clincher. However, you’ll need to look at the 2nd picture to see them. Seeking somewhere to take pictures, I remembered that Cajsa Lilliehook had used ImagiLearning, so I went there. After posing on castle battlements, I trekked up to the volcano and stood on the edge. Although my pretty shoes and feet seem to have melted, I felt no pain (and after that I fell in, and survived, but I decided it was probably time to tp out).
Ruby red
Border linen tunic red: Honey Soul
Luz shrug: Mimikri
Flutter flats in ruby: Swansong
Isadora hair in blueberry: Truth
Carlotta earrings: Caroline’s
Monochrome mosaic necklace: Duh
Mosaic cuff bracelet in Jubilee: Earthstones
Journey tweed slacks (tinted): Elephant outfitters
Red knit Stripey socks: Schadenfreude
Pose by Ribbon; skin by Tuli (no longer available)

This is neon carrot, ok?
I wasn’t wild about having to look for more orange for the 52 weeks of colour, but I decided to make a trip to Boho Hobo because I thought I might find something suitable there – and I was right. It says this dress is “gold” but it looks pretty neon carrot to me. Then I went along with the boho look – I think this hair is my favourite for that, as it sweeps back nicely to show off my earrings.
When I saw the Gamer Con poses from Olive Juice, that seemed just right. I like the idea of looking all fluffy and hippy and then turning out to be a tough no-nonsense Girl With Guns. So if I say this is neon carrot, no-one’s arguing, right?
Salwar Kameez in gold: Boho Hobo
Nalah long necklace: (luc)
Sarayi painted hoop earrings: Zaara
knit tights in darkred: Petit Ange
Hair 137 in blue and hairbase in blue: W&Y
Boho Chic mules in pumpkin (I think they were a Halloween gift): Jori Watler
Poses by Olive Juice “Gamer Con”

This is neon carrot, ok?

Hothouse rose
This was the dress I first thought of when I thought “pink” (for the 52 weeks of colour): the rose fairy costume comes with wings and also some extra sculpted roses (for the hair and chest) that I’m not showing, and a short option for the skirt. I love the lacey train at the back. I decided to pile on the exotic flowers and took the pictures in the Tesh Gardens greenhouse, where I always get tempted to buy more plants.
Rose fairy dress: G Field
Hanan hair (using their Nanotech tinting system): Curious Kitties
Lotus flower necklace and earrings: Eshi Otawara
Skin is Jade (old version) by Tuli and eyes by Miriel.

To be honest this post in the 52 weeks of colour challenge ended up more teal than anything, but there IS some olive in there. The two tops only show a little under the new Mimikri tunic, but the Neato shirt adds some more olive, and the Novocaine one picks up the apple colour. I actually bought a 15 Linden bowl of olives to use in the shoot, but in the end I pulled out these olive trees (by Botanical) and used them instead. I got several pairs of Hoot’s mini-wings in the Albero gatcha fair, I’m wearing the tourmaline colour in these pictures. The two poses I show front-on are by Olive Juice, of course 😉
Felice tunic in poison: Mimikri
Neato sweatshirt: Tres Blah
Frayed top in eve: Novocaine
Floral wash jeans in teal: Callie Cline
Pia hair in teal: Truth
Hair beads: Earthstones
Skosh boots in teal: Duh
Mini-wings: Hoot
Eyes by Miriel and skin by Tuli no longer available.

This video reminded me of 52 weeks – 3 ordinary-sized women show how they would introduce cobalt blue into their wardrobes in RL .. .

4th Rez Day outfit
I’m 4 today! So I celebrated by buying new stuff, mostly at the Culture Shock event (some items include donations to charity), which I managed to get into after trying all day. The map of booths is here: I was rather pleased how the lace on the skirt exactly matched the lace on the sweater: the lace on the vest is a bit too white, but I think it goes ok. This is a lovely romantic skirt, with one panel that floats in the breeze, and it is available in dark colours as well as light.
Maxi skirt in baby blue: G. Field (Culture Shock)
Lace vest: Ribbon (new)
Lace details sweater: Fish Strawberry
Flutter-by hair corsage: Atomic Bambi
Fiori necklace: Twinkleberry (Kawaii hunt)
Pia hair: Truth
Corky clogs: Sn@tch (Culture Shock)
Purple floral bangles: Kate McLaglen Creation
Pose: Firefly Frenzy “One got away” by Long Awkward Poses (Culture Shock)

Tangerine dream
It’s halfway in the 52 weeks of colour challenge! Until the last colour I’d managed to post every colour in the right week. My laptop still isn’t well, but I can get good quality SL on my work computer and I’m now back at work (I do use SL for work, a bit), so this week is on time again, yay. I like tangerine, a lovely colour, and I really like this dress. It’s two years old now, but it still wears well, and I have it in every colour (blue, pink and black as well as this colour). Officially it’s “orange” but I think the dress has the deeper tone that I associate with tangerine. Tangerine made me think of Tangerine Dream which made me think 70s-ish, hence the bead curtain and retro chair.
I tried for ages to get the chain for the necklace to show up in the first picture, but I failed, you can see it in more detail in the second picture.
Goldfish dress: Sugarcube
Biker jacket: Grasp
Opaque leggings in orange: Miamai
Jinx hair in azul: Schadenfreude
Jade longevity earrings and necklace (colour change, red): Eolande’s
Little diva shoes: G. Field
Nail polish: Ibizarre
Eyes by Miriel and skin by Tuli (no longer available)
Pose by Lotta, Granny’s first love cocktail chair by Kusshon, Tama-Noren (bead hanging) by M-C-H, Ambiance in orange by Miasnow, fireworks by Allen Parks, the texture on the floor and back wall was from the “Library” that everyone has, there were 2 textures called “orange”.

Tangerine dream
Here’s some Tangerine Dream: