Tangerine dream
It’s halfway in the 52 weeks of colour challenge! Until the last colour I’d managed to post every colour in the right week. My laptop still isn’t well, but I can get good quality SL on my work computer and I’m now back at work (I do use SL for work, a bit), so this week is on time again, yay. I like tangerine, a lovely colour, and I really like this dress. It’s two years old now, but it still wears well, and I have it in every colour (blue, pink and black as well as this colour). Officially it’s “orange” but I think the dress has the deeper tone that I associate with tangerine. Tangerine made me think of Tangerine Dream which made me think 70s-ish, hence the bead curtain and retro chair.
I tried for ages to get the chain for the necklace to show up in the first picture, but I failed, you can see it in more detail in the second picture.
Goldfish dress: Sugarcube
Biker jacket: Grasp
Opaque leggings in orange: Miamai
Jinx hair in azul: Schadenfreude
Jade longevity earrings and necklace (colour change, red): Eolande’s
Little diva shoes: G. Field
Nail polish: Ibizarre
Eyes by Miriel and skin by Tuli (no longer available)
Pose by Lotta, Granny’s first love cocktail chair by Kusshon, Tama-Noren (bead hanging) by M-C-H, Ambiance in orange by Miasnow, fireworks by Allen Parks, the texture on the floor and back wall was from the “Library” that everyone has, there were 2 textures called “orange”.

Tangerine dream
Here’s some Tangerine Dream: