This is neon carrot, ok?
I wasn’t wild about having to look for more orange for the 52 weeks of colour, but I decided to make a trip to Boho Hobo because I thought I might find something suitable there – and I was right. It says this dress is “gold” but it looks pretty neon carrot to me. Then I went along with the boho look – I think this hair is my favourite for that, as it sweeps back nicely to show off my earrings.
When I saw the Gamer Con poses from Olive Juice, that seemed just right. I like the idea of looking all fluffy and hippy and then turning out to be a tough no-nonsense Girl With Guns. So if I say this is neon carrot, no-one’s arguing, right?
Salwar Kameez in gold: Boho Hobo
Nalah long necklace: (luc)
Sarayi painted hoop earrings: Zaara
knit tights in darkred: Petit Ange
Hair 137 in blue and hairbase in blue: W&Y
Boho Chic mules in pumpkin (I think they were a Halloween gift): Jori Watler
Poses by Olive Juice “Gamer Con”

This is neon carrot, ok?