Ruby on the edge
I thought I had some ruby slippers (like in Wizard of Oz) in my inventory (for ruby week in 52 weeks of colour), but no. If the flats that Mimikri brought out recently had been in ruby, I’d have definitely got those, but the nearest colour was pink. Then I saw these Swansong ruby flats on Sawa Gothly, and they have butterflies on, which was the clincher. However, you’ll need to look at the 2nd picture to see them. Seeking somewhere to take pictures, I remembered that Cajsa Lilliehook had used ImagiLearning, so I went there. After posing on castle battlements, I trekked up to the volcano and stood on the edge. Although my pretty shoes and feet seem to have melted, I felt no pain (and after that I fell in, and survived, but I decided it was probably time to tp out).
Ruby red
Border linen tunic red: Honey Soul
Luz shrug: Mimikri
Flutter flats in ruby: Swansong
Isadora hair in blueberry: Truth
Carlotta earrings: Caroline’s
Monochrome mosaic necklace: Duh
Mosaic cuff bracelet in Jubilee: Earthstones
Journey tweed slacks (tinted): Elephant outfitters
Red knit Stripey socks: Schadenfreude
Pose by Ribbon; skin by Tuli (no longer available)