July 2011

Shopping with patriarch

Patriarch, the latest of the 52 weeks of colour challenges, turns out to be a rich purple. I have lots of purple in my inventory, and this jacket seemed nearest to the swatch. I then decided to get yet another pair of Callie Cline jeans and another Zaara shawl. I don’t often buy bags, but this new one from Glow Studio is very pretty and big enough to hold some of my purchases in the Atomic sim, which now houses Nordari as well.
Shopping with patriarch
Eyfura jacket in purple: Ivalde
Purple flower field top: Moho
Floral wash purple jeans: Callie Cline
Peapod drop earrings: Caroline’s
Kashmiri Sozni work shawl lilac: Zaara
Straw button ballets in green: Duh
Isadora hair in blueberry: Truth
Studio garden bag: Glow Studio
Purple floral bangles (just seen): Kate Mclaglen
Pose by Atomic, pictures taken in the Atomic sim
Skin by Tuli and eyes by Miriel (no longer available)

A quick post for a casual look. I’m wearing another colour (brown) of the Paradisis crochet tops, a Moho floral top (blue) and Callie Cline flower wash jeans in blue. The shoes are Duh’s floral linen flats and the bracelet and necklace are from League’s Wanderer set. The earrings are from Glow Studio and the hair from Raspberry Aristocrat. The beanbag is by Beyond Sleep and the chair by Tram.
I love this chair

Flowers, Butterflies, Fruit: Lemon
This week it is lemon in the 52 weeks challenge. I had decided I wanted to include a lemon fruit, and by searching around a bit I came across this wearable pile of fruit, which includes lemons as well as apples and possibly some other fruits as well. I have probably worn this cardigan too many times – but I like it! Then I found this wreath in my inventory, decided to go flower child (the name of the wreath) and ended up buying this amazing dress in Vita’s Boudoir.
Flowers, Butterflies, Fruit: Lemon
Fruits (includes lemons! with holding pose): Slow Kitchen
Whirly cardi in yellow: Nylon Outfitters
Flowerchild wreath (teal and lemon): by Vicarious Lee’s WildThings
Rainbow flower dress: Vita’s Boudoir
Khloe hair: Raspberry Aristocrat
Skin by Tuli and eyes by Miriel (no longer available)
Dragonfly tree and butterfly grass by Vitabella, other butterflies by Alirium Gardens

Midnight celadonWhat a lovely name this colour has … but it was rather a pain finding something the right colour for this week’s 52 w-o-c challenge, until I came across this dress in Swansong (half price, I think). It seems like it matches the celadon swatch, though the official colour is “mint”. I like this bolero too: as soon as I see a new lace or crochet bolero I just have to have it, so I bought the fatpack, and I already wore this one with two different dresses. I also love the skydome I got from the Twinkle Night Bazaar, it’s so atmospheric, so I played around in it for ages til I came up with some poses I liked.
Mirage dress: Swansong
Dolce vita bolero: Paradisis
Flutterby hair corsage: AtomicBambi
Karmuka necklace: Zaara
Khloe hair: Raspberry Aristocrat
Rose lace tights (tinted): G Field
Saturday flats: Shiny Things
Large dandelion with pose: No Strings Attached (old hunt gift)
Sky dome: nocc (for Twinkle Night Bazaar)

Midnight celadon

Twinkle Night Bazaar - boating

Just a quick post – I visited the Twinkle Night Bazaar which is soooo pretty and has lots of tempting things, cheap. The fan I’m holding is free from Oberon’s Trick. The other things I’m wearing aren’t from TNB: the Luna Aqua dress from SAS, Khloe hair from [raspberry] (at the hair fair) and (just seen) Earthstones’ opal necklace.

Electric sheep
These pictures were taken in the Empress and Hierophant sim, for the electric blue week of the 52 weeks of colour challenge. I’m afraid the most electric blue thing in the picture (the hair) is no longer available, but it seemed so much the right colour that once I’d tried it I had to keep it (69 don’t do blue hair any more, which I’m cross about, as some of their new hair is really cute). Then it was striding over the hills in the rain in my sturdy Deco shoes to talk to the sheep.
Electric sheep
Check tunic: Hal hina
Bonney lass skirt: Pixeldolls
Kayla brushed steel cameo earrings: Britneyj Crimson (only on Marketplace)
Roly-Poly shoes: Deco (free in the SGB summer festa)
Electric blue nails: alaskametro
AMK2 hair (69), Eva skin (Tuli) and Blue opal eyes (Miriel) no longer available.