Midnight celadonWhat a lovely name this colour has … but it was rather a pain finding something the right colour for this week’s 52 w-o-c challenge, until I came across this dress in Swansong (half price, I think). It seems like it matches the celadon swatch, though the official colour is “mint”. I like this bolero too: as soon as I see a new lace or crochet bolero I just have to have it, so I bought the fatpack, and I already wore this one with two different dresses. I also love the skydome I got from the Twinkle Night Bazaar, it’s so atmospheric, so I played around in it for ages til I came up with some poses I liked.
Mirage dress: Swansong
Dolce vita bolero: Paradisis
Flutterby hair corsage: AtomicBambi
Karmuka necklace: Zaara
Khloe hair: Raspberry Aristocrat
Rose lace tights (tinted): G Field
Saturday flats: Shiny Things
Large dandelion with pose: No Strings Attached (old hunt gift)
Sky dome: nocc (for Twinkle Night Bazaar)

Midnight celadon