There seems quite a lot of variation in what people are blogging as “melon” in the 52 weeks of colour challenge, but I think I’m in the right area with this t-shirt. In case I’m wrong, I put plenty of watermelons in the picture (gifts from a hunt a year or so ago). The tambourine came as a freebie with the Puarangi Designs set, and I only just discovered it in the folder, although I’ve had it for ages. Cute!
I always feel odd with hair that isn’t blue, but when I was trying on the different hair in the “colours” pack of this new Truth Zaria hair, I thought this colour went well with the outfit, so I kept it for the pic. It would help if the colour names were a bit more obvious (actually this is “hotpink”, which is logical, but how are you expected to guess what colour “granny” or “gem” are?)

Long T in pink: Oyakin
Dolce vita bolero in grey: Paradisis
Classic jeans in ash: Zaara
Zaria hair in hotpink streaked with fairyfloss: Truth
Gypsy necklace, earrings, bracelet and tambourine in pinks: Puarangi Designs
Straw button ballets in silver: Duh
Pose by Ribbon