Games mad in apricot
I had lined this dress up as my 52 weeks of colour “apricot post” last week: when I looked at Luna Jubilee’s post I found that she’d chosen this dress too! Still, my take is reasonably different, so I decided not to spend ages chosing something else. I found two hand held “games” with poses, and I decided to take the pictures near my whack-a-mole machine (it works rather like a real whack-a-mole; fun).

Maxi one-piece(apricot): evergreen*
twinkle corsage pink: tomoto (gatcha)
Lace Tops “Lucy” (tinted): G Field
Freesia Hair – Berry Slushie: Raspberry Aristocrat
Vintage Lace Bib Necklace -Cream Ribbon: League
Espadrille flats pink: Duh (free)
Ninpendo DS blue “Dokidoki Memory” and PSP (Playstation) by Maruco Catseye