Bubblegum weekend
A quick “Bubblegum weekend” post, I added these pics to the pool at the weekend. People wear “unnatural” colours for the bubblegum challenges: I always wear an “unnatural” colour, so I could really just post EVERYTHING (or do a reverse-bubblegum, i.e. post in one of those weird so-called “natural” colours, like blonde đŸ˜‰ Anyway, instead I’m taking the opportunity to do other colours, like purple or pink.
The hair is Truth’s Hazel in granny colour, outfit is Barerose’s Ayame Hime (part of BareRose 24 Hour Release Marathon For Japan Relief Effort), hairflower by Ticky Tacky, Sunny leggings by Prelude. In the first picture I’m using the “zombie nurse” pose by Olive Juice, and in the second picture I’m riding Barerose’s ChaguChagu Umakko horse (also a charity item). You can ride along on it, and you can see it’s very prettily decked out.