Jazzberry moment
Jazzberry is the latest in Luna Jubilee’s 52 weeks of colour challenge. As is the case with several of these colours, it’s a case of “hope the right colour is in there somehwere”. It seemed somewhere between plum and raspberry, and if I wanted I could paint my RL room jazzberry though that paint looks a bit darker than Luna’s. The main bits of my outfit are from Bare Rose and as usual from them it’s very good value, with 3 colours and lots of bits and pieces. The Pixeldolls box is nothing to do with anything in the outfit, but I remembered that the box their stuff came in was a sort of vintage jazzberry colour.
Coloured Kaara (pink) costume: Barerose (also includes wings and headdress)
Vilda open boot (wine) and black lace tights and rose hair pin: G. Field
Floral gown (jacket part only): C’est la vie
Gabriel hair in blueberry: Truth
Fleur necklace, Nouveau earrings and eyes: Miriel (no longer available)
Kawai pose: Olive Juice