September 2011

I couldn’t get very excited about Khaki, to be honest, but I did spend a while putting this look together from my inventory. We are getting very close now to the end of the 52 weeks of colour challenge!
Avanta crop coat: DE Designs
Chilla sweater: Vanitas Vesture
Checkskirt: Fall Into Decay
Bag: MCH (no longer available)
Twinkle corsage yellow: Tomoto
Shearling boots: Maitreya
Orologio necklace: Centopallini
Tights: Glam (no longer available)
Oscar hair (tinted): Lelutka
Clarus eyes: Aphotic Gloom
Pose by Ribbon

Railway journey in Nostos Deer
I was overjoyed when I found out that you can tint Lelutka hair – I’d thought it would be no mod, and Lelutka don’t do blue. I had been coveting the Rykiel and Oscar hairs from Lelutka, and this is my first attempt at tinting Oscar in “Blue rinse” (a light grey) into true blueness. You don’t get the same subtle tones as when a good designer makes a colour themselves, but the underlying highlights etc. on the grey hair do come through a bit, and the hair itself has a lot of detail.
I took the first picture on the railway in Nostos Deer, which travels from a mountain station out to the seaside, very atmospheric. I’m also wearing a Libery print dress from Oyakin (in 2 different colours above and below), ruffled top from G. Field, crown by Centopallini and bow necklace (from Jewelry Fair) by Fairy Tail.
Posing in Nostos Deer

Crazy for brick

Another brick colour for the 52 weeks of colour challenge. I started out with the Oyakin sweater (it looked very bricky in the vendor) and some Amacci hair that I just bought, then pulled out the skirt, leggings, undershirt and boots from my inventory. I played around with jewelry that I already had, too, but then I was lured into the Jewelry Fair (see previous post), so I’m showing off some of my foolish purchases.
I love practically anything with peacock feathers, and ended up with 2 sets of peacock feather earrings: the ones I’m wearing and another pair that came with the bracelet (left arm) and a matching necklace. I came across a couple of designers I had forgotten about, like Aliunn, who created the leather bracelet that I’ve got on just above the feather one.
Then I tried out the poses in the Croire booth – they are “Crazy Bag Lady” poses, but when my head blocked out the “bag” it seemed to fit me perfectly.

Simple knit in red: Oyakin
Asian skirt in red: Slow Kitchen
Oriental Leggings: Tee*fy (old hunt gift)
Crochet cover-up in milk (as undershirt): Jane
Soho boots: Maitreya
Augello earrings: Bliensen + MaiTai (Jewelry Fair)
Leather wrap bracelet in red: Aluinn (Jewelry Fair)
Feather bangle: NCParis Designs (Jewelry Fair)
Mosaic necklace: Duh! (not from the jewelry fair, it’s a dollarbie item I think)
Multigem ring: Caroline’s (Jewelry Fair)
Sylvie hair in blue and blue hairbase: Amacci
Pose by Croire
Skin by Tuli & eyes by Miriel, no longer available

As the bracelets don’t show up well in the first picture, I show them below, plus a gatcha bracelet from Earthstones’ booth (the green one, worn together with the red wrapped bracelet). I’ve also included a more detailed picture of the crown and necklace in my last posting: the crown was from Centopalini and the Bow Necklace a free item from Fairy Tail.

Just a quick post about some items from the current Jewelry Fair
Jewelry fair
Freebie Hollywood necklace and earrings from Exquisite; Casey glasses (not free) from Hatpins

Jewelry fair
Free Mimosa earrings from Centopallini and yellow necklace gift from Fairy Tail (these are my favourite freebies)

Jewelry fair
Mimosa earrings and freebie Fairy Tail bow necklace (dress by Wunderlich, old gift)

Rose, Jewelry fair
This one is more about the dress: the August Group Gift from Sascha’s (still available), with a 75 Linden extra skirt and a crochet coverup (not free) from Jane. The same Fairy Tail freebie bow necklace (it’s colour change), crown from Centopallini (not free, it comes with a bracelet), earrings from Caroline’s (an old gatcha item, I think). Photographed in the Slow sim. Hair throughout is Amacci’s Sylvie.

Bronze is the latest in Luna Jubilee’s 52 weeks of colour challenge, and it is a nice autumn colour, so I took some of the pictures outdoors. My outfit got hippier and hippier, but the bag is the only thing I bought specially, it has really cute details. I got the mixx feather hair ornaments absolutely ages ago, but this is the first time I’ve really felt they worked nicely, in with the Tasmine loosely braided hair.
East wind outfit (shirt only): BareRose
Trishna print skirt in sunset: Zaara
Indra painted stacked bangles: Zaara
Orange flower gold enamel bracelet: Dark Mouse
Portait necklace: Yummy
Tasmine hair in babyblue: Truth
Feather hair extt: Mixx
Slingbacks in orange: Juicy
Hippie bag: LEO-NT
Skin by Tuli and eyes by Miriel, no longer available
Elephant pose prop by Magnifique Poses


The 52 weeks of colour challenge this week focuses on Firebrick. I ended up with quite a few things out of my inventory, but new was this really cute owl bag (the lanterns are also on sale in the shop Adjunct (where I took the first picture), using the same owl shape). The back satchel made me think “back to school” so I found this Japanese school role play sim (and spaceport….). I stood up on the school roof looking soulful, like they do in anime when they have problems.

Firebrick "Doshte"
Kimono jacket: Awram Vie
Charlotte shoes: Shiny Things
Dragonfly Ring: EY:NO
Night Owl Box bag: Lucy in Disguise
Danmuji bag (on back): UFO
Karmuka necklace: Zaara
Carina outfit (top only) : Clio
Red cargo pants: A2NZ
Folk Green Drop Earring: Glow
Tasmine hair: Truth
Eyes: Aphotic Gloom; Skin, Tuli, no longer available
Pose: Lazy Places