Railway journey in Nostos Deer
I was overjoyed when I found out that you can tint Lelutka hair – I’d thought it would be no mod, and Lelutka don’t do blue. I had been coveting the Rykiel and Oscar hairs from Lelutka, and this is my first attempt at tinting Oscar in “Blue rinse” (a light grey) into true blueness. You don’t get the same subtle tones as when a good designer makes a colour themselves, but the underlying highlights etc. on the grey hair do come through a bit, and the hair itself has a lot of detail.
I took the first picture on the railway in Nostos Deer, which travels from a mountain station out to the seaside, very atmospheric. I’m also wearing a Libery print dress from Oyakin (in 2 different colours above and below), ruffled top from G. Field, crown by Centopallini and bow necklace (from Jewelry Fair) by Fairy Tail.
Posing in Nostos Deer