Wenge (for the 52 weeks of colour challenge) was a colour I couldn’t get very excited about. Brown is just not something I go for in SL. I wish I’d had Rudhmellowen’s idea of being a tree which is a lot more fun. In fact I was so ho hum about Wenge that although I took my Wenge pictures last week, I only suddenly today remembered I hadn’t actually blogged them.
However, I did like this outfit in the end, probably because it is pretty wenge-lite. I think that the cardi definitely has wenge in it, and the Tres Blah undershirt is wenge (although you can’t see much of it). Also I detect wenge in the bunny-skull head. I’m a fan of Zeery’s scarves, by the way, they seem to be made for my size of avi.
Next week is mulberry, yipee, I love that colour, no wenging about that.

Cardigan: Nylon outfitters;
Neato Sweatshirt: Tres Blah;
Hair – Rykiel (tinted), Lelutka;
Aragon Skirt, Fishy Strawberry;
Scarf, Zeery;
Boots, LPD;
Lace Tights, G. Field;
Bracelets, League;
Halloween crown, AA;
Skin by Tuli, Bunny skull bag, BP (both no longer available).