Bye Bye 52 weeks of colour challenge
I am ending Luna Jubilee’s 52 weeks of colour challenge in dramatic style, by burning myself at the stake. What is the point of life in a world with no colour challenge to look forward to? Except, there will apparently be another challenge starting in the new year, so it’s just as well I had doused myself with anti-inflammatory magic dust beforehand.
I was going to do some more pictures showing parts of the outfit in more detail, but I think you can see how pretty the main item, the Lady of the woods gown, is, just from this shot. You also get wings to match the butterfly-wing overskirt, a short skirt, a short sleeved shirt and a necklace.
So, bye bye colour challenge (waves tearfully), it was fun!
Lady of the woods gown: Caverna Obscura
Rykiel hair (tinted): Lelutka
Fire Mosaic necklace: Duh!
Kay necklace: Mashooka
Ribbon boots in pumpkin (not seen!): G Field

Setting: Baffle!’s Eerie Winds set (includes skydome, moon, grass, cemetary, spooky trees, spooky well and eerie house) and Twomoons Island witch burning in fire prop.