Meena shop, Afghanistan  Museum
I just adore the new offshoot from Boho Hobo, Meena, which has a shop full of colourful, nicely fitting, reasonably priced clothes. I wanted to buy the whole shop, and I did get quite a few items. This afghan coat has very nice sleeves, but I liked the effect of the floaty sn@tch blouse cuffs instead. The shop is set with the Afghanistan Museum in a very atmospheric evocation of Afghanistan, with a river gorge and camels.

Khyrghz Coat (without the lower sleeves): Meena
Mishti tank *aqua*: Zaara
Candy Darling top in acqua: Sn@tch
ikat jeans3: Meena
Nail polish – punta ana pink: Ibizarre
Buzkashi boots: Meena
Kufi hat: Meena
IVORY CROSS necklace and earrings: CentoPallini
Kalia hair Flower: Truth
Zaria hair in teal: Truth
Tuli’s Eva skin and Miriel eyes (no longer available)

Meena shop and sim