Kitty and mesh

I’m being very cautious with mesh clothes, because I go to meetings where I know that quite a few people don’t have browsers that render mesh properly. I’ve already had one experience (wearing this very outfit) where someone’s video of the event has me with a bald hairbase and part of my top half missing. I’m really looking forward to a time when I can wear mesh with more confidence, though, because items like this sweater are really great to wear, and it was SO nice having a long plait that moved with me, rather than sticking in me. I took this picture in a shop that had a cute devil-kitty wandering round to pet.
Classic Jeans *ash*: Zaara
Flat Shoes “Little Diva”: G. Field
Nail polish – golden: Ibizarre
vneck sweater: Jane (mesh)
Hairbase Blue: W&Y
Abbey hair: Elikatera (mesh)
No longer available: Tuli’s Eva skin and Miriel eyes.