June 2012

In Mimikri at theStar festival

I have always been a fan of Mimikri, and I think this mesh dress, Linette, fits very nicely. The top is not mesh, so I don’t have to change my shape, and there are two separate parts to the flouncy skirt which means it works quite well when you are sitting down. The pictures were taken in the teahouse at the Star Festival 111, 169, 1104

In Mimikri at theStar festival
Linette dress in blossom: Mimikri
day dream ballet shoes: ::{u.f.o}::
Dolce Vita shrug in Brown: PARADISIS
Classic jeans *coffee*: Zaara
Cynthia hair in teal: Truth
Johanna Ring – Opal Lapis: EarthStones
Leah – Contessina skin: Glam Affair

Sad and tired
This t-shirt isn’t the most elegantly made, but I couldn’t resist the slogan “People always tell me I look sad and tired. I know I look sad and tired. I am sad and tired”. I faded the colours out in that photo (though that doesn’t make any difference to the t-shirt), you can see the hair colour better in the picture below (without the t-shirt) taken in the shop Little Hopper, trying out the cute poses in a table.
Boyfriend shirt: u.fo. at collabor88
Classic jeans *coffee* and Ilaida Mojri shoes: Zaara
Dolce Vita shrug: PARADISIS
BLUE FLOWER FIELD top: moho.inc
Yara V1 hair: CaTwA
Wanderer -Oak- Necklace -1 Disc: *League*
Johanna Ring – Opal Lapis: EarthStones at collabor88
Folk Green Drop Earrings: [glow]
Skin by Tuli and eyes by Miriel: no longer available

In little hopper

Jubilee outfit
Actually the only real Jubilee thing about this outfit is the hat, but I feel really festive in it anyway. Although I like long Mesh hair, there is still something to be said for really flyaway, floaty flexi hair like this new style from +NK+. Similarly, I like the swirl and twirl of a well made flexi dress like this one, which is a fairly new release from Shiki. So three cheers for flexi (and of course, for 60 years of Queen Elizabeth II).
Soft Heart Cropped Top: Kyoot
(eyeshadow) Mix and Match (Inner – Blue): cheLLe
Van Kedisi hair _Snow: +NK+
day dream ballet shoes – cloud: u.f.o
Feather Bangle: NCparis
Featherweight Earrings and Featherweight Necklace: Yummy
Leah skin – Contessina: Glam Affair
Eyes – Blue Opal: Miriel (no longer available)