August 2012


This new dress from A la Folie is available in a prim/flexi version or a mesh version. This is a nice idea and each of the dresses has a different style, even though the basic design and texture is the same. This flexi version has a nice swoosh to it whereas (of course) the mesh one bends with you and has a certain amount of flow when you walk.
This isn’t my favourite Glam Affair skin except that it’s the only one I’ve ever found with blue eyebrows to match my hair! I’m wearing it a lot because of that, I hadn’t realised before how I missed having matching eyebrows….

Flower Pumps “Eve”: G Field
Fleur bleue (dress, flexi version): AlaFolie
bee-dama kanzashi (hair ornament, freebie at the Fu-rin market at nonino’s on Swayland; I took the picture below in a cute skyglobe above Swayland): +tr+ & *bg*
Cynthia w/Roots – blueberry: TRUTH
Jade Bangles – gunmetal: Eolande’s (no longer available)
LAURA necklace: Donna Flora
Pale Blue Wrapped Feather Boa: Schadenfreude
Roza – Natural – I’m Crazy – Blue (skin): Glam Affair
Amare Eyes (Blue): Aphotic Gloom
Pose, above, by Marukin

Dreaming above Swayland

MiuMin kimono
I only found out about the recent Kimono Festival on the last day (August 1st) but I was glad I had caught it, since there were some lovely kimono and accessories. I bought several kimono (and nabbed some freebies) but here I am again in an outfit by my favourite kimono designer, MiuMin. It includes the geta (shoes), obi, hair flower ornament and also a small bag that I haven’t shown. The material is beautifully filmy and I love the pattern.
After I’d taken the first pictures I bought a couple more hair ornaments and changed my hairstyle to show them off better: this Colette style from Exile works well with hair sticks and combs.
Hair ornaments
Yukata Hana YxB: *MiuMin*
Cynthia hair in teal: Truth (1st pictures) and Colette hair Roots in Lapis: Exile (2nd picture)
Kanzashi01 and Tanabata Kanzashi (hair sticks): BAIKEN
Uchiwa (fan): made by Heart Irata
knzFreeB (hair comb): anz-an
Mia Fairy Tales skin: Glam Affair