MiuMin kimono
I only found out about the recent Kimono Festival on the last day (August 1st) but I was glad I had caught it, since there were some lovely kimono and accessories. I bought several kimono (and nabbed some freebies) but here I am again in an outfit by my favourite kimono designer, MiuMin. It includes the geta (shoes), obi, hair flower ornament and also a small bag that I haven’t shown. The material is beautifully filmy and I love the pattern.
After I’d taken the first pictures I bought a couple more hair ornaments and changed my hairstyle to show them off better: this Colette style from Exile works well with hair sticks and combs.
Hair ornaments
Yukata Hana YxB: *MiuMin*
Cynthia hair in teal: Truth (1st pictures) and Colette hair Roots in Lapis: Exile (2nd picture)
Kanzashi01 and Tanabata Kanzashi (hair sticks): BAIKEN
Uchiwa (fan): made by Heart Irata
knzFreeB (hair comb): anz-an
Mia Fairy Tales skin: Glam Affair