November 2012


Sn@tch has wonderfully good-value clothes, and I like that they are still doing a mixture of mesh and non-mesh. Here I’m wearing a recent mesh dress, that comes with several colours in the pack, and some gorgeous metallic-effect non-mesh jeans. This feather necklace from League is very nicely designed, and it includes a “close to the body” fit for system layers and a copy which is fitted to go over mesh clothes. And I’m still not regretting getting the fat pack of these wedge boots.

Monica Mesh Dress (Teal) and Filigree Jeans: Sn@tch
Jade w/Roots hair – teal: Truth
ombre nails (greyscale): [croire]
Wedge Bootie “Beth” : G Field
*League* Dipped Feather Necklace Platinum-Black Cord [Fit 4]
Kaya Turquoise earring: Zaara
Roza Unnamed 01 skin: Glam Affair
(Miriel) Standard Eyes – Aquamarine (no longer available)
Pose: Bilo

Teal tales

Most of the stuff at the latest colabor88 is mesh, but I was happy to put on this non-mesh outfit from Nylon Outfitters: I could see my proper shape again! I realised after I’d taken the pictures that I don’t showcase a feature of the jacket: the pretty pattern on the back. That pattern is one reason why I chose this hairstyle (so the back wasn’t covered up). The mesh hair from Wasabi Pills has a very cute braid and a beautiful sweep of hair, that leaves one side of the scalp uncovered. They supply a “shaved head” base, but that is my one complaint as you only get it in green in this coloureds pack. In the notecard it says that this should work with all the hair in this pack, but frankly it looked too green. Fortunately this teal hairbase from Truth matched nicely.

Patterned Jeans – Lace and Desert Jean Jacket – Teal: Nylon Outfitters
Wedge Bootie “Beth”: G Field
Neato Sweatshirt (yellow): Tres Blah
Hairbase – teal: Truth
*komorebi*bracelet: R.A.Crystal
Aida Mesh Hair – Aquatic: Wasabi Pills
Butterfly Collector Necklace: (Yummy)
Simplicity: Turquoise (Necklace): Mariposa
Jade Bangles: Eolande’s (no longer available)
Kaya Turquoise bracelet and earring: Zaara
Roza Unnamed 02 skin (group gift): Glam Affair
Eyes by Miriel (no longer available)
Seated pose in the LISP cushion, other picture taken in HY’s cafe

Anarkali Kameez dress

Although Halloween is well past, I am still drawn to warm autumnal colours. The Anarkali Kameez dress was bought at the Cinema event, and the new boots (by Schadenfreude from the latest Collabor88) seemed to go particularly well (you can have the sides, tongue and toe parts plain or patterned, using a HUD). I’m holding Jennifer, my newest kittycat. I couldn’t decide which hair I liked best with this outfit, so there are pictures of both.

Amargosa Boots: Schadenfreude (November collabor88)
Anarkali Kameez (dress): Bilo
Sara hair w/Roots – smurf: Truth (picture on the left); All my love hair in lapis: Exile (picture on the right)
Boho Ring – Turquoise: Yummy (on left hand, November collabor88)
Johanna Ring – Opal Lapis: EarthStones (on right hand)
Necklace – Tarifa: Maxi Gossamer (November collabor88)
Aphotic Gloom – Amare Eyes (Blue)
Skin by Tuli (no longer available), pose by LAP