June 2013

On the beach

I’ve been enjoying the Summerfest and Garden events – lots of summery newness. I mostly concentrated on the beach furniture, but I couldn’t resist a pretty one piece swim suit and a gorgeous floppy hat at Summerfest. I covered up with the skirt from a 2-piece that is free at the Sydney location of Paris Metro. The ice cream is from a What Next cart that you can buy at The Garden. You seem to be rubbing the icecream on your nose rather than eating it, but I suppose that’s keeping me cool.

Crochet One Peice – Navy: Nylon Outfitters
Far Far Away dress (skirt only): Paris METRO Couture
glove nail “Chiyo-gami” Orange: pulcino
Mala Beads Bracelet and necklace: (luc)
Sunhat – Natural w/Stripe: (Yummy)
Kyoto Chirimen Wishlet (safe): ASO!
[Hair S] Please: Magika
Glam Affair skin (Lulu 09) and Aphotic Gloom’s Amare Eyes (Blue)
Location: Chouchou


Hydrangea Kimono

I visited the WA Kyouto http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tulsa%20Time/7/75/3801 event, which features some favourite Japanese creators. I love these new mesh kimono from Sakka’s Studio: there are four colour variations in this hydrangea pattern. It came with the obi, but not with any shoes. They were selling mesh feet and geta (Japanese shoes) at the event, but I went to the main shop instead and got a texture change set of zori and tabi (socks), as they will go with some of my other kimono. There are some very graceful kimono poses on sale at the Kyouto event too

Hydrangea Kimono

Nagagi/Ajisai Sea green (kimono and obi): Sakka’s Studio (at Kyouto event)
Maiougi01(kourinmizu) (fan, no pose included): *bg* (at Kyouto event)
KANZASHI KAMIFUUSEN (hair ornament): Naminoke
Kyoto Chirimen Wishlet (safe) (bracelet): ASO! (at Kyouto event)
Zori and Tabi (Japanese socks and shoes, texture change): Sakka’s Studio
[Hair] Honest: Magika
Bachi-Kanzashi Kingyo White (hair comb): Sakka’s Studio (at Kyouto event)
glove nail “Chiyo-gami” Purple: *pulcino* (at Kyouto event)
Lulu 09 BL (skin): Glam Affair (at The Arcade)
Amare Eyes: Aphotic Gloom
Poses: Chisa Creations (at Kyouto event)
Noren (curtain) in the backround is by Nonino