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It’s become a tradition to have a bandana-wearing day at the Hair Fair, to show special support of the Wigs For Kids charity. This year Sasy Scarborough supplied a bandana kit for people to get creative with, and there is a wonderful selection of bandanas, all at 50 Linden, all of which goes to the charity. These were some of my favourites.

The Gingko patterned bandanas by Whimsy Winx are in a gorgeous texture, and I have shown a back view (top left, above) because I love the way the pattern works with the folds. That was probably my favourite of the unadorned bandanas, but there are lots of other nice ones and I’ve shown Discord Designs’ vintage lepidoptera (bottom left, above).  Two of the novelty bandanas that I particularly liked were the wolf bandana (there are other animals too) and the Book worm bandana, both by Mel Vanbeeck (top right, above).

Finally, I couldn’t resist Anya Ohmai’s beaded bandana (below left) and Zaara’s jeweled bandanas: the back view of the black one is above, and the white one is below right. They are elegant enough for evening wear. The Bandana booth is at
Poses by Striking Poses and Tea Soup.

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