October 2013


A quick post about this pretty jacket from the Boho Culture Fair. It was difficult to decide which colour to choose: there are lots of nice patterns. The only other BC item is the necklace from Goth1c0 which was either free or 1 Linden – most shops at the fair have a freebie or dollarbie, but I haven’t unpacked all mine yet. Otherwise this is not new stuff. I still like to use non-Mesh pieces to layer under mesh jackets and coats, it gets rid of the worry about stuff poking through when you move.
I enjoyed looking round the fair, but I do wish they hadn’t made it no fly AND given it a forced landing point. It’s a real pain when you are going round it a bit at a time, and every time you log in you have to wade through the lag to the point you got to last time.

Boho Chic jacket: ~Sassy!~
Filigree Jeans: Sn@tch
Long Cuff Boots “Will”: G.Field
Blooming Roses Blouse: Tres Blah
glove nail FREE Black: *pulcino*
Wanderer Bracelet: *League*
‘Rhapsody’ (in Blue) ring: Eclectica
Durango Necklace in marble brown: Goth1c0
Jolene hair: tulip.
Marquis Frames ~ Chevron Gray: { by emi }
Glam Affair’s – Lucy skin in Snow; Aphotic Gloom’s Amare Eyes
Pictures taken in the landscape round Half Deer

Between toffee apples

As soon as I saw a picture of the three new Glam Affair “Lucy – snow” skins at The Dressing Room Fusion I had to rush over and get them. They are all very pale, just as I prefer. This one has a delicate crazing at the side of the cheekbones, like a porcelain doll. What’s more, they are only 70Linden each. Not sure whether the designer was consciously referencing the character Lucy Snowe, heroine of Charlotte Bronte’s Villette.

I’m also featuring a new Magika hair and a top I got at the Fashion Week event from Ariskea. The sim with the main Ariskea shop on it is very cute, too, and I took the pictures whilst wandering round it and on the neighbouring sim.

Showing off my boots

Omerogic mesh Blouse: ARISKEA
Classic jeans: Zaara
Boho boots – brown: *LpD*
Curious hair: Magika
Forest Spirit Necklace (Butterfly): +Half-Deer+
Maysoon Ring: Lazuri
‘Rhapsody’ (in Blue) ring: Eclectica (left hand)
Necklace – Zodiac – Aries: Maxi Gossamer
Simple Ring / Triple (Silver): [MAGIC NOOK] (on my right thumb)
Marquis Frames ~ Chevron Gray: { by emi }
glove nail FREE Black 1: *pulcino*
Lucy – Snow – skin: Glam Affair
Amare Eyes (Blue): Aphotic Gloom