28-08-14 freya colours

Truth has just revamped his pastel coloured hair. This means that between the Colours pack (see selection above) and the Pastels pack (see selection below) there are now some gorgeous blues, and blues with highlights and depth, not just a blanket of colour. This is welcome, as it’s been up and down as regards blue Truth hair: there was a good range when he introduced baby blue, some time back, and then a real low point in the early days of Mesh, when my favourite Truth blues disappeared. He is definitely at a high point now, blueness-wise BUT – it is a real pain that I have to buy TWO packs (pastels and colours) to get the full blue spectrum. People who like blonde hair, or brunette hair, or red hair get their own packs, so why not blue. I’m blue haired, not green or pink or purple haired, so those non-blue hairs in the packs are just a waste !

Anyway, I also love this particular hair style, Freya, just released. The plaiting and fronds are so cute (have you noticed the little frond of hair sticking up from the band at the end of the plait? Adorable). I’m also wearing the Zaara Sana Chintz jacket and *Star Kindler* Jellyfish earrings.

28-08-14 freya pastels