22-05-16 uchiwa and furin

Visiting the Creators Collection Box I almost missed a pile of special offer items in the middle of the room: it included this yukata (summer lightweight kimono) and a pose set that features a floating veil or garment in transparent pink with cherry blossom pattern (shown in the second picture).  The rack of fur-in (windchimes) is a rare item from the RH Design House gacha at the Creators Collection Box, the uchiwa (fan) is part of a bath set from Monkey Banana (another CCB gacha) and the pose in the first picture is from Add Me Poses

Effy sandal: ::C’est la vie !::
yukata : kokorotayori (at the Creators Collection Box)
Nyoko hair-Blue set: [^.^Ayashi^.^]
Slink Female Feet
Katra – Polar -skin: -Glam Affair –
Amare Eyes (Blue): Aphotic Gloom
Assassin tattoo – White: [White~Widow
KC&FA Calendar – Silver earring: (Kunglers) (old advent gift)
Pose for 2nd picture: LDG-Hagoromo Tennyo_full pose no2 (includes cherry blossom floating veil) (at the Creators Collection Box)
Bluebells, plum tree and cosmos by Frogs Garden

22-05-16 floating veil by the ducks