24-09-17 shin akaba playing the game

The title reflects the fact that I’ve put together an outfit that ISN’T from the latest events. In fact the trousers (system layer) are about 9 years old (showing that there WAS some good texturing already in 2008). The look came about because I wandered into the Cute Or Die mainstore and saw this schoolgirl-ish outfit. It’s a bit short for me, but only adding pants made it looked unbalanced. Finally I fished out this fringed skirt from Go! that I bought at their mainstore a few months ago and that seemed to complete it. I’d already matched up tartan boots from Livalle (one of their amazing Fifty Linden Friday deals from a little while back). The shots were taken in Shin Akiba – this Japanese dystopia sim (which has a cinema, hotsprings baths, cafe etc.) almost closed, but it’s hanging in there at the moment and is a great place to go for this kind of photo.

Sailor Punk: Cute Or Die
Jennifer skirt [fringed]: !gO!
Ballet Slippers Charm necklace and Jingle Bell Ring: (Yummy)
Krishna Earrings: EarthStones
My Hair – Eunha /Pop [monso]
Hax – Combat Boots: {Livalle}
– Lucy skin – Snow : Glam Affair
Amare eyes: Aphotic Gloom
Isabeaux Leather Pants (vintage, by Luana Fauna, who used to have a shop in Port Seraphine, where Pixeldolls was … anyone else remember that?)
Classic avatar body and head

24-09-17 shin akaba ascending