January 2018

18-01-18 beauty dreams kimono 2

This is the second kimono I bought at the Japonica event. Japonica just ended, but I’m sure you’ll find this newly released kimono at the Silvery K mainstore. It comes with a separate shawl, which I’m wearing here, that drapes delicately over your upper arms. There are several kimono colour choices (as you might guess, this is “pink”!), and for each individual colour you have a HUD with a range of choices for different parts of the obi, the underskirt and the shawl. You don’t get all the HUD colour choices for all the kimono, so a bonus in the fatpack is being able to do a complete mix and match. From the front you can see your feet peeking from under the underskirt, so you also can show off your geta or high heels.

Kimono(Papion Rose): *:..Silvery K..:*
Assassin tattoo – White: White~Widow
Sensu Earrings: D R O P
Dragonfly Necklace – Ambers: EarthStones
Darya Wedges: Eudora
major hair: lock&tuft
F’Brooches-GoldFly RARE: [Since1975]
Harry’s Glasses: SPELL
Raised Edges Ring: Schadenfreude
Katra – Polar – skin: -Glam Affair –
Amare Eyes (Blue): Aphotic Gloom
Pose: Marukin
Location: Beauty Dreams, I think behind the Nani shop

08-01-18 travelling best

It’s 2018 and here I am in Mopire at the station, really to travel onwards for 2018. I need a large suitcase, because I’ve been spending my Lindens at Japonica and the case is crammed full of fancy new kimono. This one seemed the most sensible travel kimono though – with a nice warm colour-change coatigan over the top.

Sayuri outfit / kimono-D: *AGATA* (at Japonica, it comes as a kimono/coat combination) (and wearing the alpha from the kimono -00-furisode, since AGATA don’t supply one, though most kimono alphas would be ok with this)
Sensu Earrings: D R O P . (at Japonica, they come with several texture options, these are perhaps my favourite thing from Japonica)
Bon voyage04 suitcase prop (wear) and pose: Sari-Sari
Kimono Accessories Zouri Red (RIGGED): EXiA (at Japonica)
Maysoon Ring: Lazuri
Raised Edges Ring: Schadenfreude
Harry’s Glasses: SPELL
My Hair – CreamyMami: [monso]
F’Brooches-GoldFly RARE: [Since1975] (at Japonica)
Katra – Polar – August skin: -Glam Affair – with classic avatar body and head
Amare Eyes (Blue): Aphotic Gloom