08-01-18 travelling best

It’s 2018 and here I am in Mopire at the station, really to travel onwards for 2018. I need a large suitcase, because I’ve been spending my Lindens at Japonica and the case is crammed full of fancy new kimono. This one seemed the most sensible travel kimono though – with a nice warm colour-change coatigan over the top.

Sayuri outfit / kimono-D: *AGATA* (at Japonica, it comes as a kimono/coat combination) (and wearing the alpha from the kimono -00-furisode, since AGATA don’t supply one, though most kimono alphas would be ok with this)
Sensu Earrings: D R O P . (at Japonica, they come with several texture options, these are perhaps my favourite thing from Japonica)
Bon voyage04 suitcase prop (wear) and pose: Sari-Sari
Kimono Accessories Zouri Red (RIGGED): EXiA (at Japonica)
Maysoon Ring: Lazuri
Raised Edges Ring: Schadenfreude
Harry’s Glasses: SPELL
My Hair – CreamyMami: [monso]
F’Brooches-GoldFly RARE: [Since1975] (at Japonica)
Katra – Polar – August skin: -Glam Affair – with classic avatar body and head
Amare Eyes (Blue): Aphotic Gloom